DE Commission in the RAC?

Quick Question...

Has a serving soldier ever been commissioned in the RAC?
This is with reference to a DE commission and not a LE, as I understand their would have been many to achieve this over the years.
Do you mean RAC soldier commissioned in RAC, or other arms soldier commissioned in RAC or RAC soldier commissioned in other arms?

Quite a few have done all of the above. Examples:

Former trooper Royal Hussars went on to command a Para Bn early 90s.

Various trropers in my regt were commissioned into inf and RLC

A trooper from my sqn in RHG/D mid 80s was commissioned into 14/20th. I believe he is now a Lt Col KRH.
I meant a soldier from another arm or service, being commissioned into the RAC, as I've only ever heard of soldiers commissioning into combat arms especially the RAC.
Thanks again.
Ex RSignals Lcpl commissioned to Skins in 88-89. My multiple commander in NI and later sqn 2 i/c. Crackin' bloke, new his onions and put the rest to shame...

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Lots of examples - as highlighted above. If you are a decent bloke and what the RAC is looking for in one of its officers (for a definition of that then go onto one of the numerous threads about Social Class etc etc) then there is no reason why they would not be interested.