De-BFGing whilst in the UK


A quick call to those with experience of the BFG system. My situation: I am currently on course in the UK with my BFG'd car (tax paid). I have just been informed by my unit that 3 weeks after I finish this course, I am on another (in the UK), and then possibly deploying immediately off the back of it.

I am starting the process to de-BFG the car, but looking at the paperwork (as I understand it) I will have to send the tax disc back with the application for the form 414. This means I will be driving around the UK without a tax disc for a few weeks, which will undoubtedly cause dramas with the Civvy Bill.

Is it a absolute requirement to send the tax disc back, or can I hand it in when I go to re-register the vehicle?


You don't need the tax disc as it is a BFG car. The tax disc is only to make it look like a civvie car. I think that is the stance they will take.

Phone up your BFG office ad they will help you out.

I can't remember now if I had a tax disc or not when last car swapped.
They make you send the tax Disc back now mate because people where getting posted back to UK and not registering back in the UK because they had up to 12 months on their BFG tax disc (which was originally issued for security purposes when we went from black plates to UK plates years ago).

Regardless of what you do, the over officious civvie b*stards in the BFGVLO office will be unable to compute, because you don't fit their template, and will probably give you a 5 year ban or some such nonsense.

They will do this because every department in Reindhalen are trying to justify their existence as they move to Bielefeld so the more they ban the more critical their job is ( all allegedly of course).

Either way. Good luck :)
You will need to send your BFG tax disc back. If you get pulled to show your docs by civpol, the BFG Fuel Card (57?) let's the civpol know the car is registered "abroad" so no UK tax disc is necessary. You will also obviously have insurance for the UK so no bother at all. Good luck with the BFGVLO.
Hi what you don't say is are you returning back to the UK after Ops or BFG, suggest you call the BFG at JHQ 4100 and ask the simple Q! (No matter what you think of them ) Am I required to de'BFG my car due to deployment etc etc.

Good luck

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