De-BFGing 2 cars.

I'm posted back to the UK in just over a month and a half. I have two cars which are BFG registered, but I have a few problems with them.
The first Car is a BMW, it failed its BFG well over a year ago, for some minor things, but I was constantly away on EX, Course or ops and have never got round to fixing it. I have bought the parts but I'm currently in the UK and don't get back for a few more weeks, then by the time the car is fixed, I won't have enough time to re-BFG the car before I'm posted. I don't want to sell the car because I'm going to need it as my second car is off the road and won't be back on for some time, which is my second problem.

The second car is a classic Mini, which is in the middle of being stripped and reconditioned at a garage in the UK, last time I saw it, it was a bare shell, obviously not in any condition to be re-BFG'd.

I realise the BMW can't be driven back to the UK, coz the BFG test has expired and the tax disc is out of date, I have already booked a trailer to bring it back. The Mini is going to be at least another 6 months before it is finished.

What can I do? Is there a system in place for cars that are currently under repairs (I doubt it)? or is the BFG office just going to tell me that the cars have to be put back on the road, pass a BFG test and then get re-registered and then de-BFG'd and re-registered in the UK?


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