De-activated Gallipoli campaign rifles

A friend of mine wants the following

A WW1 Lee Enfield de-activated c/w bayonet. It has to be of the type/mark of Lee Enfield that was used at Gallipoli. According to Ugly it would probably be a CLLE were used by ANZAC and a fair few British troops as the No1 Mk3 was set up for mk7 ammo and the colonials were still using mk6

A Turkish Mauser de-activated c/w bayonet also as above

At Ugly's suggestion I have contacted Ryton Arms, World Wide Arms and also the Milsurp forum.

So maybe some-one has one of the above that they wish to sell? The rifles must have de-activation certificates


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Why not try some of the regimental museums of units that fought in the campaign, I know that some of them have stuff the don't need and just might be up to flog it off
There used to be loads of "Turken mauser" on the market here but at present they are all the later 1938 model. At gallipoli there were four batches of rifles in use, 1903 being the most up to date.

Here's a turkish bayonette for starters: eGun

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