DDS SOPs / Surgeon Generals Policy & Standards Documents

Greetings! Can anyone point me in the right direction to find these fascinating pieces of literature? I've scouted around the DI but can't find them online, if anyone knows where they're hiding (if they are online) I'd be very grateful.
Or even if someone is able to post me a copy of each I would be eternally grateful and would repay you with my vast knowledge of JPA should you have any problems in the future!

I have emailed several DDS types but they either don't like me, or aren't actually on DII yet (highly likely)
Why would you need those? Theyre both very dull I have a copies from before I got out last year I doubt theyve changed - PM me your email address and I'll send them to you tomorrow!!
Great, thanks!

Basically I'm helping my friend revise for her exam (she's not very confident at exams) so I'm trying to get all the resources I can :]

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