Comp running a bit slow so went to PC world to look up more RAM. I should have known better I know so I will ask the experts

I currently have DDR 184 pin PC 2700?????(2x 512mb)

I only have 2 RAM slots so want to upgrade to 2gb (2x 1gb)


1. Will DDR 2 work?
2. I don't know speed - is it relevant?
3. Does it have to be PC 2700 - can it be other specs?
4. What price is reasonable?

Many thanks
Put the money towards a new computer.
msr said:
Put the money towards a new computer.
Unfortunately, the central heating and other such items need attention of my finances - so I would rather spend a few quid rather than 700
Has to be DDR 1 memory. You can run PC 3200 it will just run at the lower frequency, PC 2700 being rather rare btw. Link to some suitable stuff. Ebay etc may be cheaper.
That all assumes your motherboard can actually see and use 2GB. It may not, but sometimes a BIOS upgrade can sort this. You'll need to find out the precise make, model and revision for your motherboard and then get a-googling.

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