Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wyeman, Jul 22, 2005.

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  1. I'm living a double life.
    Living with a gorgeous girl, good sex life.
    About once a fortnight I'm at the local sauna (gay) having sex with other men.
    Any other 'straight' guys out there licking the stamp on both sides?
  2. please shoot yourself in the face.
    You are obviously a wierd troll who needs a good hiding.
  3. What is it with the drive by gayings just lately. Its your fault your not fit to live on gods good earth, keep it to yourself you freak.

  4. Luckily you'll soon get AIDS, which is good as sh*t stabbers like you aren't normal or natural.
  5. go away and play with fast moving traffic ! only wearing a sandwich board stating"i am gay and deserve to die!"
  6. LOL outstanding, are you are glue or just crack?
  7. ahh, how could you suck a c ock?
  8. Bad move knobcheese, wrong place to post...
  9. Are you one of those 'new men' who has explored their sexuality and is now quite happy indulging in sexual adventures with both sexes?
  10. Someone say something REALLY camp like, "Ooooh my gawsh, look, it's another bumboy, isn't he just soooo cwuuute!"
  11. bloody marmite miners- what the bloody h ell did you think you would achieve by posting that on this site?
    maybe you want an old stoker to anally rape you?!?
    the only rear end i will recommend for you is a lynx rear end- please insert your head into the tail rotor.
  12. OK, wye"man," the wind-up is clearly working. Please take your very small victory and move along now.
  13. Of course, wyeman, you should know by now that you can talk about absolutely anything on ARRSE, particularly in the NAAFI Bar, but even the slightest hint that you have had gay sex (let alone enjoyed it) will have the ARRSE lynch mob baying.
  14. .....and Bootys asking for your phone number.....