Discussion in 'Infantry' started by The-Daddy, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. I noticed that the DDLI paraded in Exeter last June (Defence News). They were wearing the Rifle green beret but had rifles sloped and not at the trail, and from the position of the right arm they couldn't have been doing light drill. Surely if they were granted the suffix "Light Infantry" they should be carrying out light drill and not the tick-tock of a line regiment which they no longer are?
  2. we don't start the light drill till the end of jan when we lay down our colours to rest, we have started light drill {practice} we are going to march heavy to lay the colours and light to finesh the parade
  3. then why the fukc are you called LI? Not being funny but I wouldn't call myself a light infanteer if I was still doing heavy drill - are you going to call yourselves commandos but not bother to do the AACC?
  4. It was made so that we could switch into the light div, I think the main reason was for postings within the Div so that come feb when we all become RIFLES each bn has been mixed with DND/RGBW/LI/RGJ.

    come feb everyone in the RIFLES will be LIGHT!!!

  5. Lots of mates in the LI and RGJ, but I find it amusing that they are more obsessed with the finer points of drill and bs than the LONDIST RSM. Hardly fits with the 'light' ethos?

    Surely light is a state of mind rather than the 21C manifestation of early 19C tactics - which is all that drill is.

    I think you'll find that at the moment the average infantry battalion has slightly higher priorities than learning an alternative drill.

    So a little less of the tic-toc please and lets remember:

    # DDLI and RGBWLI are already part of the light division and cross postings between the RIFLES regiments are already taking place.

    # That the modern LI regiments all wore scarlet, just the same as the line infantry. All line regiments had light companies, that during the Peninsular war were often brigaded and fought together. So some of the light / heavy distinction is a little artificial. In any case, the difference in the operational employment of line / light / rifle troops ceased sometime in the mid to late 19C.

    Anyway, from an outside perspective, all the regiments that will make up the RIFLES are fine Regiments, and the RIFLES will be a great success.
  6. Fred - agree - the Rifles will be an outstanding success. My point is if you are going to do something then do it right. Just because the D&Ds once had a light company many moons ago it doesn't count as a biff chit. Lets face it - light drill isn't that hard once you can walk, the hardest bit is remembering to stand at ease after every movement (except attention).

    The Londist RSM or Garrison Sargeant Major would love all light infanteers to look bad - I remember a particularly frustrating time trying to get the GSM to let us march off a parade with rifles at the trail. Its a matter of honour and pride in your regiment.

    And don't get me started on bn's have better things to do - I know how slack the training schedule is in a regular bn and the amount of time spent area cleaning or waiting around. Concurrant activity - worked well in my day. Has the modern army forgotten this concept? And what about the practice of marching from one place to another - or has the army gone soft and let everyone use a mini bus?

    As for postings within the light div - I know that the RGJ/LI did it alot - are there many DDLI/RGBWLI serving in the RGJ or LI now, and visa versa?
  7. Yes anyone who is on a external posting at the moment, Will not return to their parent unit, I know of two mates who have just been posted to RGJ,
    and likewise LI/RGJ have been posted in to fill slots mostly SNCO posts. It is bound to take a few years to sort but in time it will be a good thing.
    Im Looking forwards to trailing arms and doubling off the square!!
  8. We'll agree to differ on the concurrent activity bit - still goes on - no excuse for sitting around doing nothing, but drill was never on my list for CA unless on public duties. Marching instead of 4-tonner - yes, still goes on too, except its PT not drill.
  9. Don't worry The_Daddy. The D and Ds didn't want to become part of the LI. I can guarantee THAT.

    Pity you can't spell Sergeant correct as in Garrison Sergeant Major too.

  10. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

  11. The Daddy -do you not think the DDLI have had better things to concentrate on in the last twelve months?
  12. yeh - its about time we had spell check on ARRSE! :oops:
  13. As has been stated before many members serving and ex of the RGJ were not happy at the idea of amalgamation. However is it not right that when it comes to uniform for the new "Rifles" Regiment that the uniform should be based upon the only "Rifle" Regiment in the mixing pot?
  14. Hmm, many members serving and ex of the RGJ not happy eh.

    Well, ALL serving and ex members of the D and Ds are not happy.

    But thats Labour Government for you - w@nkers.

  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not only is the name light Infantry only available as an award from the sovreign but many of the recent Light Div regiments were involved in those acytion which the LI used for its own honours/traditions. Wearing of the red backing Paoli 177? DERR had ancestors there, Salamanca, just about everyone had a Bn there, The Bugle is not a cap badge, it is a hunting horn, this is the traditional Rifle regiment badge, as many rifle regiments had no colours they chose to wear theirs around the centre pice the hunting horn. Light Infantry drill and Rifle Green head dress only really came about as a result of the 1950s and 60's amalgamations, there was a Light Infantry club including HLI & O&BLI that promulgated the drill after the first world war. LI officers wore sam browne belts till 1970 or 72. The current LI cap badge was the Brigade Cap badge and only when this was accepted across all 4 Bns in the 60's were the 1st Bn SCLI alowed to wear the red backing. Prior to this it was on collar dogs only. with options for Change the Yorkshire and Durham Maffia that ran the regt eliminated the red backing from all signage and flags. The old 1st Bn traditionally the Armoured Farmers and with a strong west country presence was dissolved with 2&3 LI moving up one in the numbers Game. The 2nd and 3rd Bns hated the red backing and would bar it at every opportunity yet 1st Bn shared the minden Rose (KOYLI) as it was fair given that it became a regtl honour.
    So if that hasnt confused you then nothing will, I attended every function at this last LI re union including the Bligny (KSLI) church service. There was a lot of moaning about the new regt and the Jacket Maffia but to be honest the jackets have lost the least.
    I for one will be proud until the day I pop me clogs that I was a Light Infantryman as much as the old Coms on the parade were at being Dirty Dukes (DCLI) Farmers Boys (KSLI) etc.
    I do think that the march on 120 per min, and march of or hopefully double off in column of route is a significant and effective way of doing it. I would like to watch my old Bn rebadge but as really they went in the 90's and the new 1LI are in paderborn I have little hope for this.