Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Cutsy, May 31, 2006.

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  1. How long is this Bn going to be based in Catterick for?
  2. Not very long at all, very soon they will become the core of 1 RIFLES with the RGBW which will be a commando roled battalion based at Chepstow.
  3. DDLI will become 1 Rifles in Feb 07. They will absorb roughly a third of the RGBWLI in the merger.

    They are then due to move to Chepstow in Aug 07. The Commando role has yet to be confirmed as the Army and Navy have yet to sigh up to it - a matter of funding. What a surprise. However if they do sign up to it, 1 Rifles is more than likely to be the chosen Unit.

    Are you thinking of joining?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Will COS 12 Bde become the CO?

  5. That is a very leading question.
  6. Had a FamVisit to the Lt Div recruitment Major yesterday and he very much indicated it was a go, even to the extent that they have selected some officers from the LI and RGJ to transfer into 1 RIFLES when they form.
  7. I'm sure CO2 12 Mech is in the running, but the first CO of 1 Rifles will be the current CO of 1 RGBWLI - for the first year.

    From there, who know's. Not long befor ethe Pink List is out!
  8. I had an interview with said Major recently and he idicated it was going to happen but that it will be phased with the aim being for a fully trained and capable commando battalion by 2010. The RM are not happy and there was even an article in the Times not very long ago where they claimed the army didn't have the right calibre of men, I'm sure theres a post on here somewhere about it. From this there are fears that 1 RIFLES will become the guard force and tea boys for the rest of the brigade.
  9. The right calibre of men??!! Have they forgotten how the original 'Army Commandos' were formed? The clue is in the title!
  10. i think it's great they're going to commando train an army unit !!!
    A)the commando role started as an army role and should not remain exclusive to the marines (bar the exceptions 29RA 59RE)
    B)It's just like the whole "let a line battalion go on the air assault role" sketch!!!! Nothing is exclusive to no one any more jealousy is big in the forces everyone wants EDITED BY MOD