Hello has anyone any expierence of the Devon and Dorset Light Infantry? Im a local lad looking for a commision probably to the infantry and as this is my county regiment i feel some affinity towards it. So any advice or opinions would be well recieved.
Cheers in advance
(sorry if this a repost i searched but didnt find)
An excellent Regiment. If you are certain you want to go infantry you will not find better. Just be aware, though, that with the formation of the Rifles in 2007 there is likely to be stiff competition for officer places so don't be hesitant in looking at other options just in case...

Also, since all British infantry Regiments are all very good, don't forget that the key factor in which one will suit you is whether or not you enjoy the atmosphere in the Officer's Mess. It's therefore well worth visiting as many different ones as you can, to get a feel for the options.


They are an extremely good bunch and very welcoming. Go and see them, they will impress you! BTW, I am not DDLI
Thanks for the quick reply. Ive already written do them and they wrote back to tell me all recruitment for the regiment had been handed to the RGJ (i think dont quote me there) and that theyd get back to me, this was the end of last year and iom still waiting. Got a PIOFV on the 31st which should be good.
So if you had to recommend one Inantry Regiment which one would you pick?
Thanks again
RustyH said:
...they wrote back to tell me all recruitment for the regiment had been handed to the RGJ (i think dont quote me there)...
This is very probably true; all recruiting in Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire is now handled by the RGBWLI team.
You have really got to start thinking in terms of The Rifles if you are interested in your county regiment. The DDLI will merge with the RGBWLI to form 1 RIFLES in early 2007 and I believe that the process by which previous regimental identities will be spread across all seven battalions will not be far behind.

The RGJ did this by mixing up the regimental chattels a while back so that no one battalion could claim exclusive lineage to, say, the Oxf & Bucks. It might sound harsh but it will make it easier for the new regiment to pull together quickly.

The Territorial Anglians (don't know about the Regulars) didn't do the integration very well in the sixties -- if you read the chronicles there are accounts of mess dinners where there was a corner full of Suffolks, another of Norfolks etc all eyeing each other suspiciously or plain ignoring the rest of the room.

The Rifles will be a good choice because you will have the biggest choice of postings and roles available to any infantry regiment in the Field Army...and a damned fine 'rifle' ethos to boot!

The above posts are very accurate and should be steering you in the right direction. In choosing a regiment you should look at the following:

Do you want to serve in a county Regiment? (Even after becoming 1 Rifles they will still recruit predominantly from Cider country)
Have a look at the role the Unit is doing, and where they are based - tours/ overseas exercises coming up.
Do you fit in to the Officers Mess?
Do you like the soldiers? And as important, do you get the feeling that they like you?

If you have any problems, PM me. I know a man who might be able to help!

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