DDLI Laying up of the colours

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gizmodnd, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Just to let you Know that the DDLI are laying up their colours on the 27th of January in Exeter which marks the end of the Senior county Regiment.
    Apologies if already been done.

    SEMPER FIDELIS 11th 39th 54th
  2. I'll be there Giz.

  3. and me
  4. Can someone let me know the timings, im not working that day, so will try and be there as well, strange day for me, having served with both LI and D&D.

  5. What part of Devon you in T34 ?


    P.S. - what bout you Wombat ?
  6. Just to say to all that made it and managed to say hello what a Top day, It's just a shame that's the end of 321 years of history.
    Oh well better start learning 'Light' drill :pissedoff:

  7. To all D&D's - welcome to the family

    Proud to have you along
  8. Its sad and depressing watching all this history going down the pan.... Don't think it will be to long before the Guards get it in the neck!
  9. We will always need someone to tic-tock outside buck palace.
    Only joking, 321 years went yesterday i know we weren't the first to go but the sad thing is we are not the last.

  10. served alongside D&D in Iraq 04-05 quality troopers
    always up for mayhem and drunkenness
    they'll be missed, except by the residents that live alongside the new barracks currently being built in Exeter.
    How long before the locals want them gone cos they lower the house prices ?
  11. Check your pm
  12. farewell Janners
  13. A very sad day, but onwards and upwards, at least they remain in a Rifles form, rather then completly going.

    Go forward the Rifles.

  14. Hi Gizmo and Dave P, Great to see you guys, have only just got home. Cracking day eh. How many pubs were drank dry.

    Apparantly Jai is organising a D&D Recce Reunion.

    Oh btw - Ian B, I'm Brew_Time not Brewmeister - LOL. Good to see you tho.

    BT - YJ
  15. Was an excellent day good to see all the old faces, I think there is something planned for Salamanca Day i will keep you all posted.