I've been given my posting and movement orders to DCSA JHQ Germany, no-one seems to know much about the posting and area except its near Dutch border and near 16 and 7. Anyone got any info. or an online map I could look at? Anything would be helpfull.
Is this a wah?

Edited to say, JHQ Rheindahlen. Your answers in your question.

Your about 15 minutes from the dutch border there, just up the road from Elmpt.

its definately in JHQ i just know nothing about the posting and area, everyone bar a minority has been no help at all, I have limited info on the place
I have been unfortunate to have actually been there (back when it was part of 16 Sig regt). It is around the back of the 'bighouse' at JHQ.

Does all static comms stuff - lots of air conditioning and going mad locked behind big funny doors!

Enjoy ...

Depends if you like indoors static comms stuff ... I do and asked for there but I have been posted to 7 instead!! good old MCM - got it close though!

Lots of different circuit for different arms and services - good techy place.
i heard it was just like a grounded trunk node. When all the other regiments and divs are on exercise one of the relays has a link to you guys and you then act like a relay relay between the guys on the ground and the uk or where ever.

Could be a good posting really, JHQ is a great area, the camp is fully stocked with cinemas, naafi max etc and its not too far from any of the big citys in the west of Germany.
DCSA(G) depends on what job your going to do?
I was in line for a job there once and when spoke to unit it was a rosy job with fluffy bits.
Posting changed on promotion and few months later bumped in to the person I had spoke to who had moved on. Said that it was crap posting as in work but nice place.
But then again it depends on what your employed as and what you want out of it.
I was there, for two years! You will be based at Telephone House in JHQ literally out of the back doors of the big house, responsible for a tri-service set up, mainly RAF running the Commcen with a small contingency of Army, (R Signals). Lots of civis and lots of out dets dotted over BFG. Quite a cushy posting I would say, give or take your postition. JHQ a nice place, close to Elmpt Station, Moenchengladbach, with some nice places to eat and of course Roermond over in Holland (20 min drive). A pad's wife paradise, lots of shopping, McArthur Glenn Designer Outlett Complex, open 7 days a week, bad for your bank account. Again, some really nice restaurants and waterpark's for the kids (if you are of course a stinking pad?). Not a military orientated posting but nice to find your feet if newly promoted. Hope this helps you mate!
Once you're here - pop over to HQ at the front of the big building and I'll sort out a decent cuppa and a run through.

Depends when you're posted though as I'm off soon !.

They say that not all of them go mad in there - some come out quite normal after their tour!. It's only a five minute walk to the Dutch cafe which does an excellent lunch.
The area is GREAT
Indoor skiing at Neuss
Blue Lagoon near Venlo
Thermal baths dotted all over the place
Great places to get smashed

Then you get on to the actual job---------
dependant on trade, but not too long ago we were run by civvies and the whole atmosphere was poo!

Make what you can of it, remember it is only a job!

Have fun!

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