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DCSA Directory Enquiries "Service"

We've been stuck with this travesty for about 6 years now.  what a total wast of time.

I'll put you thorugh to the chief clerk instead must be on page 2 of their quality manual.  Perhaps we could pay for some management consultants to tell us how much extra work has been generated for chief clerks in answering these unnecessary calls.

How much more time is now spent in maintaining personal address books in either hard or soft copy because you can't get a phone book any more.

You can't blame the civvy operators for doing a thankless job.  

Save us all some work, and save the poor 192 operators shed loads of indignity, bring back the phone book


You are obviously short on experience on this topic.

The Directory system is currently being replaced by a project that will unify the Defence Electronic Directory and the UKMEDS system.

This will give all post/individual details on ALL formats of IT/telephony and it will be the responsibility of the individual to make sure that their details are changed on their arrival in post.

I believe that the Peterborough Call Centre is now off line in order to handle the necessary admin.

PM me and I'll give you the number of the BT/IPT Client Information Center that will furnish you with any details you require.

(If you can remember, then you will know that in the Good Old Bad Old days, the phone book was pretty unworkable as it was never in date and was too costly and inefficient to produce/use.  Since the advent of the DCSA, all the directory services have been centralised and the system is far more efficient.)
No I am not short of experience in the practicalities of the subject.

As someone who has just left a deployable unit I am

  • [*not on anyones part of the DII]
    [*Barely on the RLI when in camp  ]
    [*like some other people frequently do not have access to a macnine with a CD reader in the field, yet alone connectivity]

and have better applications, hardware and connectivity at home than I have in the office.

With my second hand ebay laptop and GSM,  I also frequently have better comms than the firm when deployed abroad and when fighting fires.

At least with the phone book, no matter how old it was, you got close to someone who knew the Army & probably knew the answer.

Could I suggest that the performance criteria have been set by someone in network nirvana and not your average field force or TA unit? :'(
directory enquiries are ****, ****, ****, wankedy, ****....

If they only had an igloo about the army and stopped wanting to put you through to the only number that they have in the county that you do not want.

How about an entrance test maybe?

We should go back to the 1940s operator with the plug in wires and the large phalic mouth piece and princess leah headsets.

When the revolution comes we can burn the operators for fuel and bring back pigeons.


Stillborne seems to be an apt name...did your brain die in the delivery room?

Has anyone actually read the DCSA directory?  Admitedly, in its current format (either the hard copy or the 192 directory service) it is not ideal but the directory is only as accurate as the information supplied to DCSA.  If you read the first few pages of the directory it actually tells you who to inform if your details are incorrect.  Instead of bleating about the service, get off your arse and send DCSA an accurate listing of your units extension numbers and appointments.



War Hero
I have the solution, as I had a moment of frustration when I failed to get the right number today...

1.   Ring 192 and ask if you can give them youu details... (yes, it really IS that simple!)

2.   Ring the TLM in the DCSA IPT responsible...  (I did and he's really good with the old explanation)

3.   Get your local Bde G6 man to start doing his job!  I put a rocket up the arrse of mine today and he's going to sort things out)

Remember, the operators are trying to help and are just like your mothers/aunts etc.

If all else fails, just wait for the revolution, my friends.  Things will certainly change then, oh yes indeed.

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