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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Devon_Walker, Nov 26, 2010.

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  1. You-know-Who is "criticised over dwarf joke" . Completely inappropriate, poor joke remark about a "short" person. There are far better jokes he could have used. Incidentally, height hasn't stopped the object of this "humour" from bagging a rather tasty filly. Let's hope he doesn't come up short,.....(sorry)
  2. Eh?

    Must have the wrong day crypto loaded.
  3. On a side note - who wouldn't "do" Bercow's missus??
  4. As this isn't the NAAFI, I won't say what a pointless fucking non-story fished up by a cuntish media this is.

    What I will say is CMD shows he has a sense of humour. British humour is built on the fact it pillories people. People might get offended, but we've got insults and banter for all manner of people, regardless of race, height, weight, religion, or sexuality. No one is exempt a good old bit of British piss taking. Except for Scientologists, they are just weird.
  5. I don't think Ive ever called someone a dwarf unless it had something to do with their lack of height.
    Where do these outrage merchants come from?
  6. For a moment I thought you'd worked out where I live.

  7. Hold on...how can it be insulting? We are force-fed being gay is "normal" now. Along with everything else that segregates certain people. If it is "normal" then how the hell can it be construed as distasteful or insulting to accuse someone of ...whatever...?
  8. The irony of this is that Cameron is fully aware of this issues about small stature, given that his late father was only 5 ft 2 (i.e. rather shorter than Bercow) as the result of being born with deformed legs.

    So I'd suggest that the PM has been aware since his childhood of all the things Mr Connerty is dripping about. I would, in Cameron's position have a meeting with the moaning Mr Connerty, but only to tell him F*** off to his face before having him thrown out of No10 (preferably by a PC who's watched sonoficarus' vid clip for tips).
  9. Preferably with a large hammer. She is a seriously iritating woman.
  10. can't see the problem, Dwarf Throwing was an established Mess Game when I was in, couple of crash mats, small mess member wearing crash helmet and some slingers, game on!
  11. My Bold.

    Safety gear???

    You should have spent some time in the caged off area where Rechy Mechs lived.

    You Blouse.:)
  12. That would be like eating dinner with the lions!

    Besides, we liked our Dwarfs, we needed them for th following week. No good breaking your tools!