DCS Combat System


DCS is now installed on the Island. You will find the vendor at the new teleport, down by the FIBUA, situated near the Submarines. (50l to buy the HUD)

DCS (Dark Combat System) is a safe zone combat system it tracks a users health, registers damage and allows use of racial powers. (it is preferred that ARRSERS use the 'human' option whilst in combat mode on the island)

DCS currently comes in 3 parts, one is the main system named DCS vX.XX the second is the main HUD this is optional and shows a players health. The last part is a side bar for quick use of powers. This is also optional.

As with most purchases, you will need to rezz the box to the ground once purchased, open it, move everything to your inventory then click to wear it.

Basic commands.
/9reset – Allows you to change your race (in this case human) and reset your system
/9on – turns on combat mode
/9off – turns off combat
/9title <text> - Sets the overhead title with the <text>
/9color <color name> - Sets the color of your over head text
/9heal <name> - Heals player, if no name is specified you heal your self.
/9close – Moves you to closest target

Damage has been switched off on the Island, not much fun being sent home when you die, with this system its no longer necessary. When your health drops to 0 you die. (i.e your av lays on the ground, you can not do anything - after all you are dead) :)

Wounded and Dead:

In DCS once you die you may not heal yourself, you must be healed by a player or wait for the death timer to wear out. If your healed while dead you become wounded, this is a timer it will not let you go back combative till the timer runs out. (at present time unsure of how long the timer lasts)

Blocking: you may block attacks by holding down c or page down during combat. This will trade stamina for damage.

Armor: Armor can be bought from a DCS store. It will help you take less damage from attacks. (check the vendor on the island)

All Weapons should be compatable with DCS.

Black Ops is probably the best place for DCS weapons (I know most of you have purchased from Black Ops) The weapons you use need to be dcs compatible, it is possible for ALL weapons to be used, but we clearly need to level the playing field as much as possible - hence the decision to use dsc moded weapons ONLY (or SA80 ONLY if you want to play but don't want to spend)

Some Rules:

Anything outside a dcsmode weapon other than an SA80 (for those tight fisted, part time users) will result in an instant suspension/ban from the Island.

If the user is not wearing a DCS indicator OR If the DCS mode is set to 'non combative' do NOT shoot, it is set to non combative for a reason.

If you are wearing the DCS in 'active/on' mode you are fair game - do not whinge you were doing something else when shot!!

NO orbit rounds, no push rounds, no bombs or explosives!!

Not a complete set of rules OR instructions, will no doubt add as we go along! Check back :wink:


to confirm: (having checked release notes)

If you die your down for 5 mins forced now unless your healed.

If you are healed when dead you go on a 5 min Wounded which you go noncombative (someone else has to heal you)

You can not Regen or heal yourself when dead.

As there is nothing on the release notes stating otherwise I assume the above to still be the case!


We are part of the Dynamic Combat System Alliance. (geeks!!) If you wish to use your meter you can use them on the following SIMS.

Anarchy - Dark Roleplay
Aurora Town - Dark Twisted Medieval Roleplay
Crack Den - Urban Street Roleplay & Forced Fantasies
Crimson Wings - Japanese Horror Role play
DS Inc - Futuristic Urban combat & roleplay
Crimson Empire - Vampire the Requiem
Dark City Prevails- Dark Urban Roleplay
Dark City Returns - 1800 Dark Roleplay
Gotham City - Marvel Comics
Gotham City XXX - 1930s Roleplay & Sex Sim
Hell's Kitchen - Dark Urban Roleplay
Leonetta - Dark Medieval Roleplay
The Labyrinth Arcology - Scifi, Steampunk, Post Apoc Roleplay
Mistress Sara's Crypt of Despair - Dark Roleplay & Fetishisms
Misty Vale - Fantasy Medieval Roleplay
Netherworld - Dark RP & Market
New Paris - Live & Shop where you Play
RnR Island - British Army FIBUA Combat
Second Earth Pheonix Pass - Medieval Fantasy Roleplay
Toxian City - Dark Urban Roleplay
Vampyr Haven - Dark Roleplay & Nightlife
Welles City - Dark Roleplay & Sex sim
World Brei'Vaukia - Dark Medieval Fantasy Role play

Please note DCS has updated again, so if you log, you will need to update your DCS, for those that havent logged in for a while we are now on 2.9 due to tweaks and bug fixes!!


DCS also has a new info center, where you will find the Landmarks to all the above SIMS. ( type DCS into search)

Touch the pics on the wall to get info and LM's to DCS SIMS.


meiktilaman said:
Flashing your underwear again!!!

Regarding DCS - as there seems to be some confusion, the sim is NOT configured hence there ONLY being a 'global' option, those of you that roleplay a different species on other DCS sims will not be given the option to change once you hit RnR - its a HUMAN sim :roll: therefore Lycan, neko etc are not available. The ONLY power you have is 'heal'.

Now that said, there is a prim monster available (for those that have been on Toxia and bumped into the toxic monster, its similar to that). Im considering putting the 'monster' in the sewer area - whiiiiiiiiiiiiiich then goes against the whole 'human SIM' thing. - but does give something else to fight/shoot. Thoughts?

Regarding free weapons - PLEASE DO NOT USE THEM - they aren't DCS moded, you can not use them on any other DCS/CCS/Rp sim, they are banned, why should RnR be any different?. The whole point to having DCS moded weapons on RnR (SA80) is to make it a more level playing field.

If you HAVE to use a free weapon please use the SA80 - if you don't have one ASK!


The Island is now configured, so you should notice a change on your DCS meter.

If you dont see, Soldier instead of Global (yeah yeah I know not very orignial) then please do a /9reset.

An XP points system is in place, everyone starts at Level 1, the hit scores have been adjusted a little to affect health - you have strength instead of tech, which is what is used when you revive someone.

The death timer is much shorter, 3 mins, the wound down time is set to 3 mins. (for the time being)

We also have heal and Revive, if you use healme whilst fighting, there is now a animation, stops the cheating mid battle - particles now appear.

A Med centre is being built which will contain, heal and wound scripts - faster way to heal - saves standing round.

There is a new RnR Monster called.......erm.......CHUB, its a pain in the arrse and I dont think there is a way to defeat it, it acts quickly, chases you, attacks and kills you - kills you often enough and it takes away XP points, 5 in total. (guess Im forever going to be stuck at level 1)

The only way to avoid being killed is to go non combative OR take off your meter, I suggest if you are using the Ranges you take off your meter, CHUB covers the whole SIM (as I found out this evening).

You can't miss it, it announces itself in 'chat' and is a large blue ball of gas!!


erm *cough* I appear to have mislayed CHUBB.

I need to retrieve it to edit it sooooo if you see it and I happen to be online could you IM and let me know!

Its round, its blue, it floats has a red health indicator of about 300% above it and speaks, so if you suddenly read CHUBB: Attacks in chat, its after YOU.....tp me to your location.

Rezzed it earlier at the end of the fibua eventually found it under one of the ramps on the oil rig, second time I rezzed it on the square and found it in one of the houses on the FIBUA.

*sigh* third rezz to edit, it just farked off, have been unable to find it despite a search, ITS DEFINITELY there!!




Its, round, fat, purple, persistent...and THERE...last seen hoovering about the fibua.


the_butler said:
Erm are you sure that wasn't me.

:x btw going non combative doesnt work either, it still attacks and sets you on fire, bloody thing is annoying me now!!! You need to detach your meter OR stay well away from it.



Book Reviewer
I went looking for it, and couldn't find it.


Bah..DCS is due another update, a big one, whats being changed dunno its all hush, hush!!

Not like DCS to have an update or 20! :roll:


FINALLY....I have CCS Lite.

Its free, easy to use, doesnt require updates, doesnt require registration....

sooooooooooooo much simpler!

Will put the vendor down later today.
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