DCI April Casburn

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nobby Sapper, Oct 1, 2012.

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  1. Anti-terrorist plod, been a naughty girl. Leaking to the media.

    53 yr old, looks to have a fine set of jubblies.
    I cetainly wood!!

  2. Doesn't look happy, does she?
  3. Chassis looks alright, cab looks a bit Pat Sharpe though
  4. I'd have said a rough Jan Leeming
  5. Usual charge.
  6. Ta Cheffy, my typo.
  7. Some official secrets act breaches as well? Gitmo is nice at this time of year, top up the tan.
  8. Am I the only one aroused by the thought of her in an orange jump suit?
  9. Cell block H Lezzer action
  10. Do you suppose she still has her WPC uniform?
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  11. If she's a Met DCI that's probably her preferred method of Interrogation.
  12. I'd smash her to bits with my love truncheon.
  13. Get with the program FFS, you mean 'smash her to bits with your love ASP'.

    Truncheons are so yesterday!
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  14. I think that you may somehow have to contrive to be convicted of a serious criminal offence and be sent to a women's prison to serve your time. Even then you're going to have to join a queue of very aggressive and competitive dykes.

    She's just been found guilty.
  15. "Casburn will be sentenced later this month on a date to be fixed and was released on unconditional bail until then.
    The court heard that she is currently in the process of adopting a three-year-old child.
    Mr Justice Fulford said: 'A real possibility is an immediate custodial sentence, but I’m obviously going to have to consider very carefully the issues that we’ve ventilated this afternoon and any other mitigation."

    Now there's a thing, another wheeze to get out of jail free. If the prospect of being naughty is a jail sentence, quickly set up a process to adopt a kid. Although don't you think that a conviction would stop one adopting?

    Remember, you heard it here (but not first)!