i have a copy are you a member of ebay if so you can pay for just the postage or send me it via snail mail and i will return it to you
The pamhlet is pants. mostly a poor re-write of the SAT Pam. Contact FATS And get a hold of one of their Pamphlets. :wink:
I don't think the PAMs that bad, although it could be organised better. The FATS stuff has all the info but the folders are all over the shop and I can't see them sending them out.
I contacted one of their managers and asked nicely, all it cost was a donation to a charity. Considering it was a forces charity, I took it as getting it for nowt. :D
I had my 25m range inspected by some gentlemen from Warminster towards the end of last year. He mentioned a mobile DCCT? Can anyone shed any light on this as to a) does it exist and b) where can I get one from?
held at div level but over prescribed
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