DCCT - Who can use these?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by picklepot, Nov 13, 2006.

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  1. Is it possible to use a DCCT range, or ideally a live-firing range, as a civilian? I’m TA but would be happy to pay pretty much anything to practise shooting in my own time. Does anyone know any specific ranges that I might be able to book time on?
  2. Might be useful if you gave away your position to the eagerly awaiting Arrse helpdesk......
  3. Thanks for the reply no1cares. Im in Leeds but I would travel anywhere. Best I've found so far is group tuition in the states at $500 a day which would be a nice holiday except, obviously they don't have the SA80.
  4. While not accusing you of being a walt, can you imagine anyone volunteering to be the range officer or safety on one of these days?

    How many walts would turn up professing in-depth knowledge of the SA80 (or L85A2 or whatever the MoD are calling it this week)? Hundreds. All with "proof" of their skills.

    And why would the current government feel inclined to allow the common citizenry to practice live firing with automatic weapons?
  5. Why not do the course, then you can run them all year long? Or get a CMCQ and coach, I run DCCT trg all the time, usually with one SAA and one CMCQ assisting. Needless to say they get to do all the demo shoots amongst others.
  6. "Why not do the course, then you can run them all year long? Or get a CMCQ and coach"

    Because I am a lowly Signaller and I don't know whether or not I have any shooting ability. I did 'attempt' the APWT twice during my GAPS training as a recruit - I think we all failed it. Since then I have only shot on one ITD and one MATTS weekend, and didn't get told my score for either. I have also run out of MTDs.
  7. How can you run out of MTDs?
  8. I've only just found out I could. Got letter saying I have reached my allocation of 80 and must not exceed it. At present the Training Major is not authorising any more.
  9. FFS which unit are you with, the Bde Comd told me not a week ago that he was allowing upto 100.
  10. What level of training is your unit working to? If you have people on the ranges without coaching or even letting on how an individual is doing, it's a complete waste of a training day and all the ammunition...... and it seems that the MTDs are precious at least, so why waste training?

    Is it incompetence of the management? Incompetence or disinterest of those running the ranges?

    If you voice your concerns I'm sure that someone in the unit, PSI or TA, could organize at least a morning or afternoon in a DCCT near by. The amount that can be learned by novice or inexperience shooters is well worth the investment in time.
  11. Must be level 2? It’s a little confusing as things like fitness are being phased in.

    My view exactly! Although the MATTs weekends are too busy for anything other than testing. Maybe we need a separate weekend to bring us back up to the amazingly high standard we achieved as Trained Soldiers?

    I’m already disillusioned. Disinterest can’t be far behind?

    I would have thought so too, but to my knowledge, it’s never happened. We all ask for range time at every opportunity. Why are we even asked what we want? I don’t think our needs will ever change.

    Our regiment has been asked to provide volunteers to mobilise on Op Oculus, and I‘ve applied. I missed the briefing but I’m guessing the selection weekend may involve MATTs, and to level 1 (FFM)
    In preparation, I'll do what I can to make sure I’m at the standard of passing each test… except for the ranges!
  12. The DCCT at my unit is hugely under-used. As long as you have a DCCT custodian and an RCO you can pretty much do whatever you want in it.

    In answer to the original question - we've used ours for wives' exercises.
  13. You'll find the same comment at most units. Why the facility is not used a lot more is beyond me and normally stems from there only being one person trained to operate the system or the QM being too scared that 'all that expensive hardware' is going to get broken. Other 'old and bold' see it as a glorified video game and only to be used for the lads to 'play' on. They overlook the fact that the various senarios allow the shooter to practice aiming at moving targets and targets that are cammed up and moving tactically.

    If the DCCT is used regularly there is no reason for anyone to fail their 'live' APWT, saving range time and the QM's 'valuable' ammunition.
  14. Troopie - Why is it under-used? Is it too expensive to run? Or do you not have instructors available? Or enough interested participants? I know they're used for cadets and adult instructors, as we were once told that was the reason we couldn't get time in one.

    Can anyone tell me what has to come together for the training to happen?
    -Instructors -DCCT custodian and RCO. Is it possible to 'borrow' these?
    -MTDs to cover all the people involved
    -Administration - making the booking, arranging transport

    I expect there is more to it than this! Also, how far in advance are DCCTs likely to need to be booked at the weekend? Roughly how many are there around the country?
  15. Pickle pickle pickle, where have you been hiding eh ?

    You have a DCCT instructor in your regiment, ask your favorite Liney Cpl, you know the one !

    As for MTD's I can understand your distress but they do it every year or so.

    PM me for more