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I'm looking for a bit of help on a few things with reference to the DCCT. I'm a cadet instructor who has recently qualified and finding it difficult to further my knowledge.

If anyone can help in any of the following it would be greatly appreciated;
  • PDF copy of - Inf Trg Vol I Pam No 3, The Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (2005)
  • RASP Template for DCCT (I'm a bit unsure about mine)
  • Notes on DCCT Start Up and Close Down procedures
  • Details of the firing practices (What they all are)
  • Any other notes would also be helpfull

Thanks very much in advance. I know there is a few things I'm needing help with, anything is greatly appreciated.
Unless things have changed, you need to go and do a course before you can operate DCCT. I can't remember the details, but I remember thinking the process sounded rather laborious for regular army units, let alone TA and cadets.
where are you using one? BC is correct you just cant rock up and have a cabby, If you are qualified you should know this already.
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