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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by wingy24, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm due to start my trade training at Chatham in March. Can anyone tell me what is involved in the DCCT assesment for the design trades? As I would like to get a bit of a heads up and start revising for it.

    Thanks for any help....

  2. They will probably start to groom you for Clek of Works!
    Get used to it, cause if you want to go past full screw, thats all that will be on offer!
  3. Yeah they have already told me that if I want it , which I do, clerk of works would be the best road to go down. But i'm still wondering what will be involved with the DCCT. Any ideas?

  4. well when I did it 6 years ago it was math, physics, english and IT for 4 weeks, followed by a week of exams, and then a week of spending a day or two at each trade getting an intro. Also regular PT.

    And before you go committing yourself fully to a career, make sure you are as fully informed as you can be, the people who 'manage' (snicker) RE careers are notoriously unforgiving for those who may not have been given the best information at joining, and it is damn near impossible to change trade once in the field army. Take a good look at the numerous threads on here regarding trades.
  5. Cdn_Spr has hit the nail on the head with the DCCT. Things aren't that rosey in the Design trades at the moment especially with certain people at Glasgow making bone comments (170's MCM brief prime example) but the design trades are still good and you will definately get a job on civvy street with the quals you get.
  6. I'm assuming you're meaning the DTCA? Design Trades Combined Assesment? If you are then you'll study Maths, Science, English and IT. The english is a bit of a right off, and they make most of their decisions of the results of the maths and science. But providing your not going for surveying you should pass with a 65-70% mark in the maths and a 60%+ in the science. I found the whole thing a bit of an arrse around really, particularly as I hate maths. But on the upside you'll being staying at kitchener so it's only a quick walk into Chatham to dissolve the stess of the day away at POW with a nice pint of guiness.
    Just as a warning if you do pass there's a good chance you could be waiting a while for your course to start. I spent 6 months in a holding troop awaiting the start of my course, and I have friends who spent a year as a SATT before theirs. Anyway good luck.
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  8. Hello every one, im awaiting my dates to go into RE design draughtsman, basic training hopefully july or sept.
    Looking at what i can do to prep in the mean time, alot has been mentioned on here about apptitude tests, maths eng and science also, i am not confident at this stuff. I had to study hard to pass me TST maths on selection but i did do it. I really wanna get the best i can in the trade i go for so does anyone have any any advice on what basics i could be swotting up on before i go into the army. Like i said i got about 6mth to really study, Got alot of free time in the days as well at the moment. Im swotting up on things like ranks and RE info is this worth doing and do i need to know anything specific about the army that anyone can give me the heads up on. I havent been told anything to look up or revise at all in the careers office. I have just been told to look at website and given a RE booklet. This only tells me real basics about training.
    I was learning GCSE maths for my TST is it worth going into that more indepth and should i get looking at science books too...oh and english? thanks in advance if anyone could help i feel alittle left in limbo at the mo.
  9. you've got 3 months of basic and then 2 months on your combat engineer before you go anywhere near the DTCA, which will need your full attention.

    it's a good idea learning about ranks and that, because you'll be getting massive if you turn up on the first day and call the sergeant or troopy corporal!

    you'll learn everthing you need to know from the training, that's what its there for, but if you want to show of you could find some corps history, of which there is alot.

    as for DTCA you'll need to be good at maths and science,in particular things like trigonometry and velocity. what you need isnt above higher gcse so dont complicate things by going above that.

    it's good to be prepared when you go to chatham, but spend the next few months getting fit, and geting through basic, which will take every ounce of energy.

    good luck
  10. I have quite a bit of time on my hands and i and doing quite a good routine of phys so im hoping i will conditioned slightly for the basic. I enjoy fitness which is a bonus i suppose. I dont how ever enjoy maths and any type of theory. I just DONT GET IT! hehehe i only got D's in Maths and Eng in GCSE and been as though im coming 26 i did my GCSE's ages ago. I think i may have to buy some work books on maths eng and science GCSE basics...what do you think, i dont want to look like the slow one in the room nore do i wanna hold peps up. I have mainly been learning the ranks and the job spec history i have researched on the net but not really looked at it as i didnt want to go over the top due to not going in till sept. Any more advice on research and revision needed then i will be grateful. Thanks silver-shadow for your prompting, TKD-KA
  11. Without wishing to dampen your enthusiasm I think it might be time for a reality check. I am hugely surprised that you have been allocated a design trade as usually the minimum is a C grade at GCSE in Maths and English. The Design Draughtsman course is a very long course and you're in the classroom 99% of the time. If you're not learning the building technology theory you're producing designs initially on a drawing board and then in CAD. It is a long, hard slog that many people struggle with.

    The other guys on here are right in that you will have to attend the DTCA first before you're allocated your trade. It is an assessment used to try to match up your skills with the most suitable design trade and if that matches your choice - fantastic! Be in no doubt though that you are in competition with the other soldiers on the DTCA, especially for places on the "popular" trade courses which are surveyor and design draughtsman. Its is likely as well that this competition will be soldiers from the Commonwealth, Scotland and NI who generally have better qualifications than their english and welsh peers. To be frank you just haven't currently got the maths skills for surveyor. Whilst the minimum is a C grade in maths within the first few weeks on the course you will be covering maths that nowadays only A* to A level students cover.

    If you have your heart set on a design trade I would look at Construction Materials Technician. The maths is not too heavy and there is a good combination of site work in the field and testing back in the lab. Not many want to do it because they do not know much about it so you've got a good chance of getting a place.

    Otherwise look at something like electrician or fitter - though they all require maths in some form so definitely brush up on it. Even the bricklayers need to work out material quantities, site levels etc.

    So in summary you've got to really want to be a Design Draughtsman to pass the course and, in my view, if you're not the academic type it is probably not for you. You'll be climbing up the walls desperate for some fresh air!
  12. I have already been put in for the design draughtsman and just to inform you i have MANY other qualifications that went toward my eng and maths eg NVQs and studies in ART, GRAPHICS and other areas. I was thinking that i may need to get ahead of the game because im not the hottest at maths so i need the advice to see what areas to get studying on. I did the TST and passed that well. But at the end of the day its all practise and if you havent done indepth maths for years its going to be tricky. thats why im here, I am a fighter and i thrive of a challenge thats why i dont want to be just a fitter or electritcian. Trust me i did think about it. If thats my easier option then lets not go there. Bring it on. I love learning new stuff and if its something im going to stuggle at then it will make me a better person when i get through. Total respect in what you are telling me though and i do take your advice truely on board. i promise you i did think of the struggle before i applied. I really wanna do well so support me on this one. Sounds like i will need it.Any more advice will be greatful. Thankyou The_world_is_flat . x
  13. Good attitude - if you're committed to it you should be fine. Far too many believe as long as they turn up every day they will pass. As far as the maths is concerned look at the topics that are usually covered at the "Higher" end of GCSE ie for those going for a Grade A or B and you should be fine. Good luck!
  14. Brill thank you, im already planned out with my physical training doing about 12h a week and varying lots. Got to build up my upper bod more than on selection even though i surprised my self on selection.Upper body Strength is a weakness i wont let beat me too see, i got approx dates for sept going in and i got loads of time in the day time to do something. So I really wanna make the best of my self in this i have only one decent chance to make first impressions and commit so gotta try 110%.
    I am having my down days at the mo and the past 2 weeks as i really want my dates so i can get on with other stuff in th mean while. dont want to turn up and coming events down and then not be going on basic. grrr. BUT this is why im stressing on making my time productive. Do you think there are any other skills i could be brushing up on? any tips i mean even if its just for basic? i was thinking of gettin some graphics software and doing some computer work to..brush up on some drawing skills, is there any point? ka
  15. Hey there everyone, anyone who is on the DD course and that have or are doing the DTCA test could you try and answer something.
    I have decided to fill a little part of my week days doing a little basic knowledge on things that will help me for the tests. Like Maths eng and Science as you may have read in my above posts.
    I have gone out and bought a few GCSE higher level books that i can study on/ recap on.
    Can anyone tell me what areas of science i will be needind.. i.e. metal compounds atoms etc?
    Also is there any maths areas excluding velocity and triganometry that i will be covering.. i.e. ratios fractions, percentages, standard index, estimating etc etc.
    Any advice will help thank you.