DC: We will increase the defence budget (in real terms!) from 2015

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wm1965, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. Maybe he'll use it to buy the H@rri*rs back from the yanks to replace JSF. :)
  2. Or re-hire the guys who have just been forced out!
  3. Total non story as they will not get re elected after losing the boundary vote BBC News - Conservatives lose boundary review vote.

    The Tory/Lib dem bitchfest has left them with the same disadvantage they had at the last election.

    Cameron will ramp up on the Post 2015 election promises, his only chance is to con voters into believing he will carry out those promises.
  4. We might have enough people to spot that there is already a thread on the same subject!
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  5. Amazing the promises these politicians can make when they know they won't be in power then. It bit the LibDems on the bum, making all these promises and then actually getting a taste of power and realising they couldn't actually do it. I hope Miliband realises that there won't be the money available to stick into public services when he (or whoever takes over from him when the unions decide they don't like him anymore) gets in the hot seat.
    I promise that, when I am elected Prime Minister, all ex-servicemen will have guaranteed jobs paying them twice the pay they were getting when serving and that their pensions will be upgraded annually at the rate of inflation in Zimbabwe. All serving personnel will get free food, free accommodation and a sparkly new medal for every year they have served with a 25% increase in pay for every year they serve without getting a charge on their record sheet. Anyone losing their job through no fault of their own will be paid 150% of their highest pay ever with no time limit on these benefits.
    As it is extremely unlikely I will ever even be an MP let alone PM, I can make as many promises as I like.
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