DC Madam vows to name clients

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A woman accused of running a high-class prostitution ring in Washington DC has said she plans to call her prominent customers to testify at her trial.

Deborah Palfrey says among them will be Randall Tobias, who resigned as deputy secretary of state on Friday, shortly after confirming he had been a client.

Ms Palfrey faces charges of running a multi-million dollar prostitution service for more than 13 years.

She says she provided an entirely legal sexual fantasy and escort service.

Ms Palfrey, dubbed the "DC Madam", plans to call, and if necessary, subpoena clients such as Mr Tobias, to testify in her defence that they did not have sex when they hired her escorts.


Mr Tobias resigned last week shortly after US media told him Ms Palfrey had revealed he had made calls to her business.

He told ABC News that he "had some gals come over to the condo for a massage", but denied having sex with any of them.

Before he stepped down, Mr Tobias ran the Bush administration's programme to crack down on prostitution worldwide.

He was also criticised in his role as US Global Aids co-ordinator when he advocated partner fidelity and abstinence, instead of condoms, to help limit the spread of the HIV virus.

Another man alleged by Ms Palfrey to be a "regular customer" is the military strategist, Harlan Ullman, who helped develop the doctrine of "Shock and Awe".

Mr Ullman, a senior associate at the Washington-based think-tank, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, said the claim was "beneath the dignity of comment".

The BBC's Vanessa Heaney in Washington says Washington is gripped with Ms Palfrey's story.

So far Mr Tobias is the highest-profile name to come out, our correspondent says, but speculation is mounting about who else could be on the list of clients, which Ms Palfrey has threatened to sell to pay for her legal defence.

Twitchy arrses in DC methinks
Blair spends a lot of time in Washington with some Bush or other...
It wasn't that high class, pretty steep prices though...... doh.
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If you want Scotlass I'll be your sales, advertisement and security manager.

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scotlass said:
Blimey im in the wrong job, i wonder if BB67 fancies going into business with me.....
How much do you charge for Prima Nocte then lassie???
Chocolate your rates are way to high, and Cad depends how many marriages and divorces i can fit in....
60% and I'll only use bitch slaps.
I know you don't slap class :D

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Nah i think im worth it so i will wait for a better offer but thanx anyway chocolate.....
Chocolate i have spoken to BB and she is willing to join forces with me, so do you wish to discuss new terms? Obviously BB would have to get the bigger share of the takings......
25%, no violence (unless you are holding out on me) and I get to test the merchandise first.

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