DBS checks and schools / outside contractors.

Well, I almost got as far as getting checked out with the DBS. Only taken me 2 years now.

Turns out, after two years, this particular well-known charity erases all your details off file and you have to start again.

So, after jumping through major hoops and having to eat major shit, just to get the two references needed, I have to do that again, as they have erased all the details. Then I can go and get a DBS. That is after they have come out to meet me and photograph me. Again.

**** me, just let the old codgers die off, I don't care any more. No wonder the old coffin dodgers are collapsing in the local co-op with no one to help fill up their basket.

I can't even give music lessons or work with the local Church till I get this all sorted out.

Middle aged man. Mmmm.. very dodgy I would say... Mmmmm...

It's been a massive uphill struggle for me to go and do voluntary work. I'm not a pervert (ok, maybe a little bit of a pervert), I'm not a fraudster. I have no criminal convictions and the one caution I ever got in my life is well spent and does not need to be declared. I spent a long time researching it to make sure. But try getting through the make-work BS that these charities have. And these are charities that have been busted for several unethical behaviours - they are still allowed to operate. What a racket.

They don't make it easy.

Saw a woman in the local co-op the other day. Still had the masking tape on her hand from the canula. She was very shakey. Said she had just come out of hospital. Jesus lady, just ask me for a bit of help. I'm a grown man, it's what we are here for. But no, they just can't bring themselves to do it. It's nothing for me to help with a bit of shopping or jobs around the house if I can do them. I won't even charge.

I saw her getting in to an ambulance type vehicle when I got out of the shop. She was obviously very shaken up. She obviously had no friends or family to help her in such a vulnerable state. It was criminal. I couldn't get to her in time. They drove off. Damn.

If only she had asked me for a little help to get those groceries she couldn't see properly. But I look like a brute. A big bearded mass-murderer type. This is what we men have become now in the eyes of society.

I look like I should be out rampaging with an axe, conquering new lands. But really, all I want to do is help a little old lady get her particular brand of margarine down off the shelf.

We really have had a number done on us all.
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