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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fatblerk, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Having spot of leave and have just got up :oops: . I have been looking at a bit of daytime TV over this leave, and have come to the conclusion it's all t3rd. Unadulterated sh1t. :x Purely designed to while away the hours of the great unwashed, the unemployed and mothers who can't arrsed stimulating their childrens' mental development.

    It's brainwashing though. I was nearly convinced to build an arch to separate my living area from my dining area in MDF - but I'd have to have sold all my family silver at a provincial auction house or car boot to afford it. :roll:

    Switched on Sky Sports this morning to find they are still showing the saviours of Daytime TV. Something I've missed since skiving on Naafi breaks in the singly blocks in the late 90s.

    Aerobics OZ Style. :D

    It's still there and still the finest form of one arm PT I've found (save for 92% of the the internet). If PTIs looked like Kate McCracken and her friends I'd have to change my ID and avatar.

    Any other recommendations for Daytime watching?
  2. You can't go wrong with a spot of Diagnosis Murder!!!!
  3. That's on in the afternon isn't it? Snooooozzzze Time!
  4. this morning? Neighbours? murder she wrote, all gripping stuff, always the cbeebies about 2.30 pm enjoy!

  5. Drool dribble eurrrr !

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  6. But aren't you the lucky one, being able to watch all the interviews and snatches (ooh) of new Charlotte Church pop video. Saw a little of this this morning, and if the girl keeps growing certain items of her clothing will require reinforcing.

    She's no voice on her (for anything but churh/chapel stuff), just a fine pair of lungs.
  7. Bugger, missed that!

    Too busy typing on here then ... ahem ... other activities!
  8. Feck me just seen the vid on Sky

    She is all grown up now then!!!

    Jeeeeeeesus I nearly had a stroke!! Ahem.
  9. Saw Miss Church on Top of the Pops the other night, flipping eck she has grown up in all the right places, must go now ahem need to pause the video. :):)
  10. try watching " crap in the attic" and you will soon see why its crap, as for ms church, pefect bird, drinks, swears, should work for NAAFI, mess functions would be fun
  11. Had yesterday off. there was a double bill of Thunderbirds followed by a double of Top Cat. Marvellous! Just before the pub opened!