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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Jan 31, 2008.

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  1. In just under two hours I am finishing work, getting on the Eurostar (from Brussels) and will not be employed for the next month or three. Now this is a voluntary step so I shall not be rushing off down the benefits office or job centre.

    I see this as an opportunity to live of the earnings of my gf (supplimented by my pension), get to know my granddaughter a little better, do some work around the garden/house (very much put off) and look after the dogs.

    I can foresee some slack time in between and, not wishing to drift into the mindless routine of daytime TV/drinking, what other suggestions do we have?

    (On a serious note, I am also a member of, and welfare visitor for BLESMA. So if anyone knows any worthy causes out there who might need a visit?)

  2. smoke crack. The hours just fly by. Your teeth fall out though.
  3. Write limericks... Using only an etch a sketch. Thats bound to while away a few hours.

    When you get bored of this do the inevitable...Buy a PS3.
  4. Hence prostitutes giving the best blowjobs.
  5. true true. In all seriousness, buy a playstation, drink a lot of cheap 80 shilling I lost 4 years like that and at the end someone gave me a degree.
  6. Watch every porn movie on Myfreepaysite and see how many w@nks you can knock out in a day! :D
  7. Yeah but you're now on the hit list of a wee gay man who wants a piece of that fine uni backside of yours.

    Ahem, apparently
  8. another valid point. you could spend your day discussing whether or not that charming man you met the other night is a dirty, bottom loving, godless pervert.

    I mean gay.
  9. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    You could spend your day on ARRSE.
  10. I'm doing most of the suggested at the moment whilst working ... apart from the gay stuff of course ... cough ... anyone off to twickenham on Saturday?

  11. God no!!! Who would ever do that.....................
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    He he I took 5 months off a couple of years ago. I taught myself HTML coding, or how to make a website. But after that I found that other than weekends I spent all my time here on ARRSE. :D
  13. Sounds like an idea. Where did you get the info from ... any tips, links?


  14. Aint that the truth I stumbled across this site 2003 and thats been it despite times away on ex or digging sandcastles here most days. At the moment uni work is suffering!!!
  15. Then try to break your record.

    Or, try to watch every classic war film ever made in order of production, then in the order of the events portrayed. Then in order of the dates of birth of their lead actors.

    Plan in minute detail the exact method, location and timing or execution of every individual member of the current government, tailored to the Mikado-esque principle of making 'the punishment fit the crime' - Jacqui Smith violated to death by Albanian immigrants with a doner kebab, that sort of thing. It's passed many an hour for me.