Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tape, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. Fellow arrsers i know daysacks get done to death on here however i already have the camelbak motherload lite in mtp and really rate it however as im deploying on H17 in a few weeks iv just been given the new issue daysack from our friendly storeman which looks very good. So my question really is should i take it or the camelbak?
    I know if i trash the issue one i can get it replaced but i like the organization the camelbak gives with the different pockets...

    Many thanks.
  2. Take the one you are happy with and send me the issued one as my store man is useless.
  3. Send me both of them and I will extensively test market them for you via ebay.
  4. Take the issued one so that if it gets damaged you can replace it and sell your motherlode to me.
  5. Which one do you prefer and find easy to use?
  6. I like the motherload iv had it a while and it does the business and Iv not really had a chance to use the issue one but its bigger and im wondering if i will need the extra space.
  7. Ask yourself what you will need it for while on Ops ,compare weight, versatility,replaceability .
    Is it really easier/ quicker to get an issue one replaced ? or will you be able to buy one online from your fob and still get the camelbak to your bunk in 2 weeks ? Can you wait that long ?

    Or by a megga admin pouch that will molle to the front of the issue one, that has all the zipps and dividers your cambak has and have the best of both worlds.
  8. Cheers for that fatmini the admin panel is a great idea and means more shiny new kit! The long haired Generalcan always send my camelbak out if i need it!

  9. Let me know if you need one making ;) to your exacting requirements
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  10. Being the only medic in my unit I've been dragged about as 'casualty' on ex and my glorious motherlode is shagged. The zips are phucked.

    The issue daysack is pants, agreed, but now I'm 160 quid down.

    Draw your own conclusions.
  11. Take the motherlode and kit insurance.
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  12. how did the zips get fucked? they are around the top why would they be dragged around? and if i become a casualty in Afg i wont be too arrsed about my daysack...
  13. Gay