I know this is a long running debate with lots of information already on here but I cannot find anything much about this specific question...

I'm looking for a daysack for use on exercise but also to use during civi life (yes another STAB here)

The two I've narrowed it down to are the Berghaus munro 35ltr and the Karrimor SF Sabre 45ltr.

main draw to these is the praise heard so far and the addition of PLCE attachments - primerily I would use these for a camleback but it would be nice having that extra versitility if needed.

What are peoples views on these? - I've heard good things about the Munro but not a great deal either way on the Sabre... Any comments please...
You might be better off going into your local Army and Navy and getting your self an NI Patrol Pack, price £30-£50, good bit of kit!
Heard good things about them too now you mention it. Does anybody know of such a place in London? So far I've failed to find any surplus type shops here.

Always flea-bay to have a gander on tho


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I've had a Munro for nearly 15 years it's a great daysack but very basic. Things have come a long way, I also have a Karrimor SF daysack which has side pockets and a few other compartments it's a good bag and well made. But if you arnt on a budget try looking up the 5.11 Rush 24. I'm very tempted myself very well made very versatile and £75 on Amazon.
Basic is good as far as I'm concerned - Less to go wrong/break and if it does go wrong or break its easier to fix :)

Had a quick look at the 5.11 rush, looks good, might have to go back to thinking on this one...

How did the SF Sabre compare to the Munro?


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It's ok the material is wearing quicker than the Munro and I find the back is a bit over padded on the version I have and unnecessary if you are in armour most of the time. When I say the Munro is basic I'm referring to the fact it is just a single compartment with a small lid pocket. On a previous discussion on this subject FG stated that it was too small for current Operational needs and he is a man who knows. I used mine in NI and my Sabre for other work. Hope this helps.
Or you could have one made to your exact needs :) ,Munro as stated above will last a life time but is a little small for some ,sabres lots of bells and whistles that you may never use .
I have recently acquired a medium ALICE pack with frame. Without the frame it is a very useable daysack. A smart feature is the quick release shoulder straps. A heavier load is more comfortable with the frame though. The frame is aluminium and very light. The OG nylon has that 'surplus chic' but being recently obsolete US kit, not too 'ally'

I've been impressed enough by it to buy a large ALICE pack (w/o frame) from e-bay. Might do a review on it when it arrives.

They are also very cheap in the US, but postage to the UK now is a bastard! Eg: $11.95 for a large ALICE pack, no frame or straps, less than 3lbs weight, $29.50 postage by USPS!
Why is everyone bigging up the ni sack there dog shite too small and the wrong shape. Now how about a camelbak mother load or going cheaper tas raid pack cheaper still a highlander tomahawk
Why not get a military daysack for TA stuff, and a civvie pattern daysack for real life stuff, where you won't be mistaken for someone in the army?

Just a thought.
Camelbak motherlode, great pack, 1157T might still have some goign cheep in multicam too.
The Centurio looks good, not sure if 30Ltrs is big enough though (I was thinking a 35ltr might be too small) but if it has PLCE zips for bergan side pouches it would make it fairly expandable.

I am begining to feel this is a bit of a 'how longs a piece of string' question mind.

X59 - I have several civi daysacks and bergans already so am not that concerned with using it for civi life to be honest.
Getting my bounty at the end of the month and I want to get a new daysack, It has to be :
At least 45 Lt
All for about £100/£150
What dose arrse recommend (apart from f@ckig off )
Coops, I'd wait a few weeks until the new MTP uniform rolls out. You may not get issue daysacks straight away in the TA, but I'm sure it won't be long until my little lovelies are putting them on eBay.

The new daysack meets all the criteria you are looking for and it'll be a fraction of the price.
Why is everyone bigging up the ni sack there dog shite too small and the wrong shape. Now how about a camelbak mother load or going cheaper tas raid pack cheaper still a highlander tomahawk
Maybe they were a desirable piece of kit to have when they rare. A wee bit uncomfy with body armour, however a million times better than rocket pouches.
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