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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Boxy, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Already posted this in the infantry board, but spreading the question.

    I'm trying to put together "the" list of what to pack & where to pack it.

    I know that it depends on what you're doing, but some form of generic list for use to teach recruits would be great.

    Search gave a good Jacket & belt order list, thanks to whoever put that on, I've adapted that.

    Any help accepted, remember these guys are sprogs, nigs, crows, or whatever your unit calls them, so keep the Gucci kit to a minimum.

    Thanks guys.

    (now dons ECBA & helmet, standing by)
  2. .... and the TA board, the Training Wing board as well as the QM's board.

    This urgent is it?
  3. obv different depending on what your doing

    i keep warm kit , ie fleece or norwegian etc in 1 pouch

    gore tex in the other
  4. PE4.. Det cord.. Crimpers, Harness.. sticks and string in the pockets

    Im sure REME will come out with a list of Vehicle spares and eqpt

    RLC will come up with Laptops, SCOC discs, flasks of tea..

    If you know that it depends on what you're doing, then youve answered your question yourself. There is no generic list.
  5. Fluke
    13mm spanner
    12 and 8 inch AJ
  6. 12 cans of Carling, a change of t-shirt and a packet of durex.

    What I took to me mates bash for Hogmonay...
  7. leaving space for stuff your get tasked to carry always a good one
  8. warm kit it waterproof bag
    ammo in sand bag
    1 in 4 should carry a basha or similar to use a stretcher
  9. fabloned wipe clean thrap mags
    thrap sock
    blow up doll
  10. Great big white flag. Copy of the Koran. Picture of Moqtadar al Sada.

    And loads of dull military kit

  11. Well seen your a crab whit a lightweight and no spirts....tightarrse 8O