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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Boxy, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Already posted this in the infantry board, but spreading the question.

    I'm trying to put together "the" list of what to pack & where to pack it.

    I know that it depends on what you're doing, but some form of generic list for use to teach recruits would be great.

    Search gave a good Jacket & belt order list, thanks to whoever put that on, I've adapted that.

    Any help accepted, remember these guys are sprogs, nigs, crows, or whatever your unit calls them, so keep the Gucci kit to a minimum.

    Thanks guys.

    (now dons ECBA & helmet, standing by)
  2. All Arms Commando Course packing list for Daysack / Patrol sack:

    24hr Rations
    1 Water Bottle
    Flask (optional)
    Warm Jacket
    Poncho & Pegs (1 between 2)
    Bivvi Bag (1 between 2)

    personally I also added:

    Sealskinz kneelength socks
    med kit
    model kit
    cyalumes (large/small - red/green/IR)

    then the obligatory Ammo / Radio kit.

    there we go. simple.
  3. Daysack??

    120 litre bergen is the new daysack!
  4. 307

    307 War Hero

    Packing List for DCC ops we were given by field trining flight:
    Bivvi Bag
    1 per fire team basha (stretcher)
    warm kit
    gore tex
    emergency rats
    pair of socks
    bit of hexy and metal mug/mess tin
    torch of some sort
    HMNVS or CWS
    spare batt's
    a good deal of room (they were saying 50% but...) for any spare ammo radios or section kit you my get dumped with

    This kit did me fine for 2 weeks of field firing on otterburn in completely honkers weather. Most useful bit of kit I had in there...shemagh, could use it to dry feet, for warmth drying off weapon. Few things they sort of hammered home, if you have night vis available always pack it, things may happen, you may have to stay out into the dark hours. Get an SOP at platoon/ coy level if poss. on marking up which daysack the strecther's in, just simple little things like that.