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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boxy, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Already posted this in the infantry board, but spreading the question.

    I'm trying to put together "the" list of what to pack & where to pack it.

    I know that it depends on what you're doing, but some form of generic list for use to teach recruits would be great.

    Search gave a good Jacket & belt order list, thanks to whoever put that on, I've adapted that.

    Any help accepted, remember these guys are sprogs, nigs, crows, or whatever your unit calls them, so keep the Gucci kit to a minimum.

    Thanks guys.

    (now dons ECBA & helmet, standing by)
  2. Well i shall start you off. I am sure others will have different views!

    Warm kit
    Change of socks
    Basha (1 between 2)
    ETH (Several per fire team - if not carried on beltkit)
    Extra ammo, radio batteries other mission related stuff that shouldn't be left in bergan (CWS etc)
    NBC kit as dictated by situation

    Thats all i can think of at the moment but i standby from the more experienced amongst us!
  3. First Aid kit in addition to above. Flask depending on where you are, nothing like a brew if its cold.

  4. Are forgetting porn and hipflask? Its goin wrong, priorities Gents!! :D
  5. Surely there is a standard list somewhere? There is for everything else.
  6. On CIC and Potentials at Catterick, the kit list went (roughly):

    Right Rocket pouch:
    Goretex suit

    Left Goretex pouch:
    Share of reserve ammo
    Bivvy Bag
    Stretcher/Poncho (1 per fire team)

    Bear in mind that brew kit and 24hrs rats were supposed to be in your webbing already.

    If we had to carry extra mission specific kit, then the bivvy bag would be the first thing ditched, as its 'non-essential'. Of course, this set up assumes a non NBC environment, which makes life easier. The DS there weren't particularly bothered about ETH either, in their opinion, we'd self-teach digging holes if we ever came under artillery fire! :D
  7. Pamphlet No. 2, Fieldcraft, Battle Lessons and Exercises, para. 0128, sub-para (f).

    Which is Restricted, but I don't think it will bring down the government to reproduce it here:

    f. Place the issued bag insert in the pouch.The following items, wrapped in waterproof material to prevent rattling, are packed in the right side pouch (rucksack):

    (1) The mess tins/KFS.
    (2) The 24 hour ration pack.
    (3) The hexamine cooker.
    (4) Washing, shaving kit and towel.
    (5) Polish and boot brush/spare laces.
    (6) Socks, foot powder.
    (7) Gloves (if not worn).
    (viii) Headover (if not worn).
    (9) 30 metres of dark coloured communication cord.
    (10) Sandbag/plastic bag for rubbish.

    g. Place the issued bag insert in the pouch.The following items are packed in the left side pouch (rucksack):

    (1) NBC suit and IPE.
    (2) Tent section/waterproofs.
    (3) Additional yoke.

    I defy anyone to fit all of g. (2) above into a single rocket pack, but there you go. Note that the whole point of the daysack is to carry mission specific gear, so a standard list is a bit redundant - but you did ask :D
  8. Are they having a laugh? Gortex, softie ,basha sheet basic.I carry eth as filling sandbags is nesscary in my role .Then rations, radios ,mission specfic kit .Unless your on a course carry the kit you need where you want to.Unfortunalty got to get used to using rocket pacs again as thats what they use on courses. :( .
  9. Daysack/Patrol sack/Grab sack:

    Alive and fighting for 48hrs (+webbing):

    Basha kit
    Bivi bag

    24hr rations (+24hrs rations in webbing)
    Hexi (spare to hexi in webbing)
    Water bottle (+1 in webbing)
    Warm kit (Buffelo/Sleeka)
    Body armour (unless worn)
    Helmet (Unless worn)

    Another full compliment of Ammo for self
    Any Section ammo or specialist ammo (gunners/motor's/grenades)
    Any mission essential specialist kit (flares/doorbreakers/dems/radios)
    Coms Cord (for sentry/harbour set up)
  10. ah, the mistake you are making is that you have the old issue jet packs. the new ones are made using time-lord science which makes them bigger on the inside than they are outside! :D
  11. hey

    hipflask goes in the top right smock pocket so it can be used quickly (and claiming its sweets when asked why theres a bulge).

    and with the porn remember FABLON it the kit isnt waterproof well not all the time.
  12. What sort of daysac do you use?Grenades go in left out your gortex?What is another full compliment ammo?
  13. Webbing:

    Weapon Cleaning kit


    Food for 24 hours
    Gary Goretex
    Some warm kit if it fits around your ammo
    Then whatever else you are landed 30 seconds before crossing the start line.
  14. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Why not just show them yours?
    Last time I looked you had:

    Mars Bars x 12
    Coke six pack
    Emergancy subway sandwhich (meatball ex Doha)
    Comfy gear for putting feet up
    Shirt and tie incase we eat out (Chez Mucktars in Alammarah what that boy can't do with a goat....)
    Victor book for Boys (1969 and 1970)
    A signed pad of Biff Chits (thanks for lending me them!)
    Sunglasses (Roy Bun - choice of winners)
    Colouring pens and various colouring books
    Jaynes big book of fighting vehicles (she wants it back by the way)
    Various bus timetables incase we have to rush to the ERV
    Silvermans catalog (as you are king of Gucci kit)

    Or was it my day sack I was in?

    Happy new year
    You were always my favorite 3 bar
  15. Syrup, LLF, so very true, more so the bold, but I'm trying to give a good impression here & you're ruining it!