Daysacks... and we thought no scrim on helmets was bad!

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Mincer, Jan 30, 2012.

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  1. Ok, so i hear rumors on the mill that we must now use the issue daysack and only the issue daysack. This rather cuntish news comes a friend in another Bn. I decided to ask my CoC about it and they too agreed its something that will be implemented in time.

    Firstly the new daysack, thought reasonably acceptable, still isnt as good as other brands. Both for comfort and praticatily, everyone on my tour fucked it off for a better daysack they bought themselves. Now I understand the current hard on amongst people for uniformity however a daysack is a big issue! I spend a reasonable amount on my own money and buy the same one when mine is worn out. My reasons are simply my daysack is more practical for the job and is more comfy let alone supporting weight on my back far better. I understand their has to be a line as some blokes take the piss with buying kit but i beileve forcing a daysack on us is to far. When it comes to daysacks, there should be rules such as in keeping with current uniform pattern etc but i dont agree with wearing a shit daysack when im happy and willing to pay for my own. Will this new fad of uniformity get to boots aswell?
  2. We really are scrapping the barrel now.................discussions on daysacks........really???
  3. Don't know about your regiment, but I'm still fighting to get hands on a bergen, let alone a daysack. The idea? Irritating. The chances of it being implemented? Absolutely tiny.
  4. Nothing wrong with the current day sack, hardly anyone had their own on H14, mostly issued.
  5. "Will this new fad of uniformity get to boots aswell?

    Uniformity a fad ?
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  6. You have just lost your own argument with this one statement.

    You can not buy the current pattern of uniform (MTP) in the shops.
  7. My only gripe with the new patrol pack is the lack of side pouches....although I understand that they are available through the system for the ECM carriers.
  8. When they issue me a daysack then I'll worry about it.
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  9. You could add your bergen side pouches and then use the issued MTP daysack cover to maintain allyness.
  10. Could, but the way things are going that'll be frowned upon.
  11. I don't see why it would. It would be like telling the blokes they can't wear a woodland DPM goretex jacket when it rains because they haven't been issued an MTP one yet.
  12. That issue Day Sack looks like a decent bit of kit. If only we got issued Day Sacks in my day...

    And the thing is, if it wasn't issued, people would buy it just to look Ally and not conform.
  13. Looks a lot better quality than the shit black ones we have to put up with- think I end up exchanging mine on a month basis due to them falling apart so quickly.
  14. We only get issued them for ops so by that time the guys have bought their own.