Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by cheese, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Bit of a wide question, but i was wondering when you are on exercise for extended patrols, which we are doing on upcoming ex, what do you take in your patrol pack, on top of basic webbing?


  2. Dinner table, table cloth, place mats..
  3. set yourself up for a barrage of bullshit answers there mate......

    extra water (if the sun ever appears)
  4. A neck snug/hat thingy.

    Wooly pully in a drybag.

    And some dried sausage, way better than bloody Haribo.

    Thermos is a cunning plan, too.
  5. Porn and comfy bum, not just because you're also taking porn of course...
  6. dont forget ur crisps!
  7. You titled this thread "daysack". You are of course aware that it is an offence under the Army Act to use your day sack atnight?
  8. As little as possible (read extra ammo for every other ******).
  9. Warm kit, Dry changes, esp socks, morale boosting food, flask, Goretex and poncho liner/bivibag
  10. Perhaps you could fit your nightsack in your daysack, in case the light begins to fade?
  11. Small bottle of Bordeux and a well protected glass. Nothing like it with lancashire hotpot.
  12. All the above plus a Pepperami Hot - its a bit of an animal!
  13. Tin Curry Powder (Large)
  14. Or you could fit straps to your 24hr rat pack and wear it round the clock....
  15. We've all been there.