My old trusty daysack has failed me after 15 years. It cost me £20 from an Army suplus in York, which is now closed down. I have about £40 to spend on a new one (all my pocket money off the wife!). I'm not infantry, but it will be used in the field. Any ideas?
Berghaus Munro 35, £56 from the ARRse shop, choice of champions and the rest.....

Save your pennies as buy cheap buy twice springs to mind when investing in Wynstay/Gelert gear..........


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Aye, Harry's not wrong, cheap daysacks are cheap for a reason.

The Munroe is very good,alternatively try here for a full milspec quality daysack.
It's the same make as was sold in the Arrse shop earlier, you can even mount the issue sidepouches on the bugger.

i ve got the arktis one,

its pretty good expands so you can fit loads in it if you need to also takes the issue side pouches. i got it off ebay about a year ago was about 25 quid i think it costs about 45 normally
The NI patrol pack is good, you can usually pick up a PLCE one cheap, Try E bay
Disregard what I have written about Stamina backpack previously, it's pure sh*t. Went for a 20k tab this morning with weight in it (approx 30 kilos) and it murdered me, hung over the padding and ruined my lower back. My mate who was wearing a Munro got a good laugh anyway.

Moral is - buy a Munro, I will be.

*edit for lesson learned*
I've had a Munro for a while now. Good kit but I've always wondered why Berghaus have never made one in DPM.
Lance_Comical said:
I've had a Munro for a while now. Good kit but I've always wondered why Berghaus have never made one in DPM.
They did, I bought one in the early '80 and its still going strong. (unlike the owner)
The munro is awesome but I do like the Karrimor Sabre 35L very comfortable although a bit more expensive.
Berghaus Munro, can't recommend it more highly, sound bit of kit, simple design, does the job, if you get it in olive green you can use it for anything (civvie or military) and if you really need to get uber tactical you can buy a day sac sized bergan cover in DPM etc
Bit more expensive than some of the cheaper gucci looking ones but as some one pointed out earlier, buying cheaper usually means buying it twice as it does not last so long
Can't say fairer than that can you??

On subject of Arktis, just done a course with a guy who swears by Arktis. He had one of those gucci arktis bergans with the extra pocket on main bergan and extra lid pocket and pouch on side pouches (also has pen slots on the side pouch for some reason!!!!).

He also had an Arktis daysac which is spacious, comfy and well made and you can zip on the side pouches to make it bigger.

Don't know how much they cost but I would say they are worth it.

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