Holy shit! I was going to recommend a Berghaus Centurio- an updated Munro with molle and added side pockets. The side pockets are sold separately and can be used either singly or zipped together and used as an alternative smaller pack with their own yoke.
I bought mine for about £70 all in, the cheapest I just saw on the bay was about £120 (inc p&p) for a brown one from Germany.
Good though.
I second this motion. Had mine for years now and use it constantly. Still in great shape. Not sure what I paid now but it was not 120!

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Not sure if it is a typo in the OP but I do some fishing hiking - hill walking (a bit) up to small lochs in Assynt (Sutherland) and Ceridigian (Wales) to pester trout and I use my Berghaus Vulcan.

Sounds daft but it isn't really. I don't take much kit but it's all very lightly packed, nothing gets squashed, great for awkward shapes like a landing net, and you can put your hand straight on stuff without having to unpack it to get the thing in the bottom.

I can also keep a wet set of waders in there away from everything else.

Fabulously comfortable frame and I can horse a Kelly Kettle (or three) in it as well.

A bit OTT for a day sack, mind, tho the side pouches do come off.

God knows what they cost these days, not sure they still make them but a second hand one will probably be as good as new .

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