Daysack yoke

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by littlenickoutthere, Mar 16, 2008.

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  1. Is there a reason why the standard webbing yoke doesnt incorporate clips for the issue daysacks? surely would save being issued an extra yoke and would mean the daysack itself is held on more securely to the person?
  2. Ahh i guess so
  3. My wahometer is ticking, are we talking about jet pacs ?
  4. Unless I dig my webbing out and see why this is obviously a stupid question, I'll comment that you have a good point.

    It would save having to remember whether the rifle sling went on before or after the rocket pouches in order to prevent ending up in a knot when taking them off.
  5. Agreed, but if the clips were there, especially if they were unbuckleable (new word), you'd have the option.
  6. Osprey has the clips on for attaching rocket pouches!!!
  7. Errr, it can. So PRO WORD 'NO WAH'.

    Look at the top of the yoke, outside the drag handle there are two loops.

    Look at the rocket pouch. There are two male and female clips on the corners. Pass clips through loops and fasten.

    Look at the bottom of the rocket pouch.

    At the center there is a long piece of webbing with a clip. Fastened to the bottom center of the pack is the coresponding clip. Loop round PLCE waist belt and fasten.

    Tighten as needed.

    They actually put some thought in to this.

    I have also seen people use the daysack yoke as thier main yoke using the clips to clip in to the clips on the ammo and utility pouches. Looked a bit strange though and you have used up most the clips. Dunno, not tried.
  8. beat me to it TBB!
  9. Okay, fit your rocket pouches directly to your webbing yoke.

    What happens when you want to take something out of the pouch or ditch it quickly? You can't without taking off your entire PLCE webbing/assault vest/osprey.

    Thats why the rocket pouches have a seperate yoke.

    That's also why I have QR buckles on the front of my webbing yoke and a QR buckle on the belt. I fell in a lake once, wearing CEFO, with all the straps taped up and a roll pin belt on the buckle. I was on the lake bed for half a minute before I got the fcuking webbing off! Longest half minute of my life!
  10. Bet you've got zips in your boots, too. :wink: Once bitten and all that...
  11. Oooh, like the idea of that! Save a lot of wear and tear on the back of your smock wouldn't it. Anyone know how much Jay-Jays would charge for this mod?

    (Not really...)
  12. I agree it looks a right pain to get at anything in the rocket pouch but that wasn't the question.
  13. and yes because the set up of clips on the side pouches allows for it to be cliped on.
  14. Nah. I make sure the lifejacket is done up properly.
  15. ..the clips might be uncomfortable under the pressure of a heavily-laden bergan's straps.

    ..the clips might foul your rifle butt when preparing to fire from the shoulder.