Daysack/ patrol pack HELP

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by johnnyVB, Jun 28, 2011.

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  1. Hey guys

    I know a lot is down to personal preference, but im trying to find a decent daysack on a tight budget. Im not sure whether to bite the bullet and splash out on a black hawk/ camelbak/ or 5.11 tactical for a around the £150 mark ( if so what would you recommend?) or get a cheap one which will last me here till i go on ops... such as a Kombat UK sack for £40.

    Any suggestions would be highly appreciated

  2. Or you could go even cheaper and get the ever popular NI 30 litre patrol pack. Top notch bit of kit and the only daysack ive ever needed, if i recall i think they sell for about £35 on ebay
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  4. RVOps is a bit pricey. I wouldn't even bother with them if you're on a budget.
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    Cheaper ....... but new !

    Personally I'd bite the bullet and get the ££££ one whilst your doing you pre deployment training ..... you'll know what its like and if youve made a monumental fudge up then try another ,
    depends how flush you are in the end obviously but keep safe all the same .
  6. Don't get a cheap one. I did and it let go on me when I really, really needed it.

    Splash a bit more cash and get one that you can rely on.

    AIRBORNEJOCK War Hero Book Reviewer Kit Reviewer

    I was loath in 2008 to go away from my munro but eventually bit the bullet and got the motherlode its been awesome on 2 tours since then. Buy cheap buy twice i say.
  8. If your looking for a daysack for ops chin off the NI pack as it's gash with osprey.
  9. Shameless plug alert!

    We are doing the last few DPM "Large Packs" at a special arrse rates ;)
  10. If you're deploying you'll be issued the new Karrimor SF daysack in MTP, which is well made and a good size.

    Otherwise, I have one of each of 5.11's offerings and recommend them. The Rush 24 is a decent daysack, but the Rush 72 is around the same size as the new issue item.
  11. The Condor 3 day Pack is a good piece of kit. Loads of space, covered in molle straps, lots of points for attaching things like LASM and about £120. SOF has some in stock i believe.
  12. Had the same on H11, but obiviously in desert dpm and got on well with it. Also have the issue bowman daysack in the uk.
    Did you get the daysack issued out there or in uk for pdt?