Daysack or Rucksack for Youngster

Little Miss M, at the age of 11, is going on her first adventure training exercise with the school. Am impressed that it is to Brecon but I am led to believe she will be getting an easier time than I did the last time I was there!!

I will be going into Millets or similar over the next week to pick up something off the shelf unless someone else who has recently been in a similar situation could give me the benefit of their research.

She is a bit concerned as I have offered her my old Berghaus Centurion (I think) that has been stuck in the loft for several years. She will also not consider DPM no matter how much I tell her it could be of use in later years.

Any advice appreciated.
Blacks are doing an offer at the minute whereby if you buy one of the new LED maglites (which look quite good) for £29.99 you get a free daysack with it, the daysack also looks quite good too so you could kill two birds with one stone and get her a handy torch for the trip too.
Millets have an excellent chose of 'bergans' in all different litre sizes all different colours, and makes..karimoor is a good make.

I purchased a relativley inexpensive 35 litre bergan from Millets which has given me good service thus so far.

Also try Blacks they do their own brand bergans and Go Outdoors Go Outdoors is a warehouse oufit a big seletion of all types of camping kit they also do Discount card for £3 good value.

Hope this helps
Murielson said:
Thanks MTG - can't find on website tho'??
They are in the store, i saw them as soon as I walked into the Liverpool branch.

Hopefully haven't sold out already!

I can't believe it is suggested you get your daughter a rucksack based on it being free with a torch! And as for daysacks, well if you want to ruin your daughters back, go ahead.

At that age you need to be thinking about one with designed for children with good back support.

High street stores may well give you discounts, but do you really trust the assistant to care about your childs wellbeing? You may be surprised who else may also consider discounts.

Even on the field and trek site linked above, the rucksack descriptions go on about materials, bright colours, ventilation, zips, velcro pouches, airflow, etc, yet none mention back support! Can you even find any reference to childrens rucksacks?

Maybe not street/mountain cred worthy and mainly school bags, but here may be worth a look,

Specifically for rucksacks

Whatever you get, think about her back!
"The recommended bag load weight for senior school years is between 10 and 20% of the wearers body weight."
eg Age 11, 37kgs, rec bag load 3.7kg

"The shoulder straps are shaped to discourage one-shoulder carrying "

Just choose well Murielson, but do a little research, as it is little Miss Ms back that could suffer.



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Very good point there by SilsoeSid, no point in ruining your lass' back at this early age.
If she chooses to join the army later in life they'll manage that bit for you.

By the way, has anyone worked out that Millets & Blacks are the same firm yet ?

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