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Am due to head off on Herrick soon, I've heard some people advising getting a camelbak motherlode for use as daysack as it is good for med kit. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is it necessary? Is issue med bergan ok? How about other daysacs?

Would appreciate any advice regarding what people have used on the ground, and pros and cons of different sacks generally.

Thanks in advance


If I got the chance Id buy one of everything then revert back to what i was issued with when I realised I was overcomplicating it all and carrying shoite around

KISS and role specific
That was going to be my next point. Its amazing how many field hopsital storesmen buy NVG's, GPS's and Suntour watches before a Telic and then wish they'd spent the money on a PSP and extra pygamas!
I found the issue patrol daysack perfectly suitable. Although I did have a med sidepouch inside it to keep it all neat and tidy. As others say - keep it simple - you cannot carry too many FFDs and CATs. If you must buy a gucci daysack, wait until you deploy - they are cheaper at the US PX in KAF than in UK or in the EFI at Bastion. You won't be issued med kit until you deploy out. If you are a medic, you will find all manner of bergens / side pouches already in place at the various outstations - certainly in KJI, GMSR, SGN and NZD.
I once saw an interseting Med Bergan/ Module in a class room at 2 Med Bde and I've never seen it again. Its about the same size as the berghaus munro and contenets wise it seemed like a scaled down version of the Big green jobs you get in the BFA. (As you can see, I don't do NSN's or module names!!)

If any one could help me track it's name down I'd be very gratefull.

Pangur_Ban said:
red_arrse said:
red_arrse said:
field hopsital storesmen
Thats a bit like a hospital by the way! :?
Red Arrse: pot kettle, suggest you check your own spelling before picking up on others'!

You mean like just there, where he quoted himself and his own spelling? PB shame on you!
The med bergen is a good bit of kit and organized that way for a reason. If you are inexperienced with the bergen or being deployed on to the ground it is better to stick with what you have been given. The bergen contents are constantly reviewed by people on the ground and their feedback is submitted up the COC and dealt with accordingly.

If you are going to use a new daysack and down scale make sure you seek advice from someone who is experienced, plus remember that if you don't have that essential bit of kit because you downscaled and you compromise a casualties safety you will be investigated.

I agree that there is a process that looks into what we should carry and it ties into the scope of practice for cmt's, but:

1. the issue "med bergan" is out dated. CMT's in suport of ground troops need to be as light and mobile as the next man and a large rescue medical bergan is not suitable.

2. The rescue medical bergan has a terrible back system and does not compress leaving the guys (and gals) with a large bag of admin bouncing around on their back.

3. The modules are not laid out in a manner that works according to the phases of care. Whats needed is a small utility pooch for care under fire and a small module of kit to perform a TRaPS quickly that can be stowed in a daysack along with the soldiers personal kit. So how does that tie in to current doctrine? (BATLS)

weve moved on from Bosnia IRT's

One of theose "Man bags" and a well laid out side pouch, or similar sized bag shoved in the top of my day sack works best for me.
on h6 i used my army issue patrol sack, i had the small side pouches removed and zippers put on so they could take the medical bergan side pouches (the 341/342) plenty for all your trauma needs.also i had a 'man bag' like the old godfrey bags but gucci desert all my catastrophioc haemorhage stuff in there. dont go filing your day sack up mod it cos when your out on a op for weeks at a time you need your own stuff too( ranger blanket, scoff, mossinet etc) and i made up a primary health care kit and had it in a plastic tub in my day sack too.
got my day sack modifications and man bag at hm supplies aldershot, cant remember how much the day sack cost to get done about £20 i think and the man bag was £40. a little out lay for a lot more ease and comfort!
if you do end up with the issue med bergans be careful of the "quick release" buckles on the shoulder straps. as they have a tendancy to come undone.
ended up black nastying them permantly shut.
I posted this already, but is there a list of the Med Module's? Just the ones used by CMT's and Team Medics. I'm not at a Medical unit so I don't have anyone to ask.

Thanks again,


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