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Hi all,

I'm in the market for a day sack big enough to carry a change of clothes, a laptop and a smallish video camera (in a 55.8 x 24.7 x 29.8 cm case) but small enough to carry onboard a plane as hand luggage.

I'm strongly leaning towards the Golani (here: Bulldog Tactical Gear - Golani Rucksack (Olive Green) ) but I don't know if it would be small enough to get away with as hand luggage.

Anyone know, or can steer me towards something better?

All advice hugely appreciated!


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All advice hugely appreciated!
Hmm. Tough one. The Bulldog Golani Rucksack will match your trousers nicely. An advantage when trying to pull jet-lagged bimbo's in the VIP lounge.

But then we have the vexed issue of a ******* great gat sticking out all ends and sides. A bit of an issue with passport control, security and the smiling lasses who welcome you onto the plane.

Have you thought about buying a tank and doing half a dozen planes on the apron? That might distract them. As it happens, I have some tanks for sale. Are you on PayPal? Or can swap for a jet-ski.


Rumpel, given that your video camera case is JUST small enough to be carry on luggage, your laptop and change of clothes will need to be no more than 0.3 cm deep. Max dimensions 56cm x 45cm x 25 cm against your 55.8 x 24.7 x 29.8!

I would recommend getting a daysack and taking your video camera in a soft case!
I've got that rucksack myself and i have used it as hand luggage on a civvy flight before. It does have quite a long back for some reason though - can be a bit uncomfortable if you intend to wear it as a daysack on exercise with webbing etc.

Have you considered anything from the Deuter range, on domestic flights when i travel back & forth from Scotland to visit family etc the Futura 28 is worth considering, I use one regulary for ipad/laptop and clothes...depending on your video camera size.

Deuter Futura 28L Backpack
Some good advice there... and some not so much... IronDuke, I wish the bimbos were so easily impressed, I'd do better saying I worked on the X-Factor. Anyway, it's a jeans, cricket jumper and Barbour jaunt this time round :p

Camera's a Canon XF105, which is pretty small, but uninsurable for the location, so I'm pretty paranoid about light-fingered/clumsy baggage handlers. It would fit easily in a small, soft case, but I'm worried about the ancils (mic, spare batteries etc).

Anyhoo, thanks for the pointers.
I'll bring you back a ginger.
I've got a Golani and it has served me well on ex, ops and out and about. Having just measured it with a few odds and sods in, it would just qualify as hand baggage on Ryanair (55x40x20cm) as long as you pulled on the compression straps. IATA standard is 56x45x25cm so it would be ok for most major airlines. Beware that you will reach the max weight before you fill the bag.
Whatever you choose, your camera case is going to be the limiting factor.
I use a flight friendly sized 1510 Pelican case when shuffling around with camera breakables. It may not be a rucksacky thing but it has wheels and an extending handle.


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Like the Vallon case ?
Like the Vallon case ?
Yes, but with wheels and a handle.

Pelican 1510 airline-legal carry-on case with wheels

When flying around the US you may take on two items - cos wimmin carry handbags - check specific airline luggage regs. I have gotten away with a daysack and the case. Worst that can happen is when you get to the bording gate they will just point out you should only have one item and then put the other in the hold.


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Arc'teryx blade 30 backpack is a awesome bit of kit, has a separate hardened(ish) bit for a laptop enough space inside to comfortably pack for a weekend away some deep pockets and a "covert" documents pocket at the back and a large internal documents pouch, it is waterproof and it doesn't scream your in the army when you use it have a look, I think you will like them.

Cheers Chris.

(Edited to add pic and link in)

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