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Having searched forums and arrsepedia I can't find a thread to do with which days sac is a good 'un to buy at the moment. If I've missed it, appolgies but if not, your help and experience in advising what might be a good buy would be apperciated:

Background: Just re-joined the infantry, looking to do CIC in October and then a few courses to get my old rank back up asap. Without doubt, will be paying a visit to sunny Afghanistan at some point but assume I will get better kit issued at that point so this is predominantly a UK use only purchase. Thanks. :)
S2000 Northern Ireland Pack, 35L, DPM and IRR
Snugpak Rocket Pak, 40L, OG with DPM and Desert waterproof cover, also has two side pouches for even smaller amounts of kit, I think that they are 15L instead of the issue 20.

Depends on what size you want and what/ when you are going to use it, I suppose?

I have both, one as a bergen and one as a day sack.

Both more or equal in price.
Arktis 1714 good idea flawed in the execution as quality can be poor. On the plus side most decent retailers will give a full refund if it fails. Some of the models advertised are not compatible with plce side pouches so ensure you get the latest model with the reinforced back. NI Patrol pack is good but not suitable for all as I found out to my cost as it wore a hole into my back after a 7mile tab. I would go for a sabre 45 in hindsight excellent quality and confortable to boot.


Bowman Daysack, by Karimor, Kitmonster sell new and used £45 used
Second on the Munro, I've taken the metal frame out of mine and just left the foam in though for UK work - compresses better to fit in the lid of my Bergen.


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I'm thinking about getting the NI patrol pack. Does anyone have know what size the side pockets are? I'm looking at either this or the XR40. Would also like something that can take a water bladder either internally or attached to it. Any ideas?


Berghaus Munro. K.I.S.S! (as in keeping it simple)
Thanks for all the advice gents; I'm going to have a serious look at the Munro by the look of it! :)
Why not have what they issue you. That way you can be less skint... Simples!
Rumours abounded (last year I think) that the NI Patrol Sack was not only issue tissue but FREE issue tissue being reclassed as a C class item.

Reading more informed posts on this forum I took this to mean they are gizzits from your man at G10 for Men.

Can ayone confirm or deny?

For my sins I bought one. Then went crazy getting a 5.11 Rush 72 which is a little bit big.
CrownImperial said:
I always thought the zipped together rocket pouches did the job.


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I did have a snug pack 40ltr whilst at otc , then joined up and was issued a patrol pack, upon rocking up at battalion I went back to the snug pack and it seems all droopy and saggy, the metal frame at some stage had become broken. Now looking at purchasing a munro, expensive , but buy cheap you tend to but twice.

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