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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Ash_Plant, Jan 22, 2002.

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  1. I am pensionable in 347 days.  Do I take the money and run?  
  2. Dont  do it mate!! Unlees you are going as Chief Exec of a multi national, with the Golden Handcuff deals that go with these jobs!!
  3. allegedley you have to work in the outside world and not just sit in an office all day planning your next invasion of a toothles populated nation that never wanted you there but love the employment created and the free interuptors uniform and security and.......
  4. Take the money then get a job working for the MOD as a Civvi.... and when you've had enough, you can do what you've always wanted, and tell 'em to ram it put your pen down and walk out the door.
  5. Take the money, take the gratuity - unless you believe MS when they say that you stand a really good chance of promotion either next year or the one after!! By then he will ahve moved on (on promotion, of course).
  6. Do it, take the money and run,  then chill out for a year or so and if you fancy a bit more soldiering do a 6 month tour of somewhere crappy, get lots of dosh and then chill out again.  It's called "self mobilisation" available posts are on the Army website.  It's really contract work, bit like a merc but handy if you don't want a real job.
  7. CGS

    CGS War Hero Moderator

    No, stay in!


    Play golf for the rest of your life.  Become that chap who everyone has heard of, but noone has ever met, but who must be a top bloke as he is always playing golf.

    Take up skiing, but not too seriously.  Just enough to get to be on the admin team for your Arm and for the Div/Army champs.  Then take your family, at MoD expense, on a 3 month ski holiday to the Alps.

    Chill lots.  Get a job in a large but redundant HQ and do dope.  The CDT have never been to those places and even if they do, will you give a s**t?
  8. Get out before they make homosexuality compulsory. Fringe benefits include:

    - You can service all those Cav girlfriends hanging around Fulham while 'Tarquin the Brave' is sat in a Portacabin in Kosovo dreaming up more war stories to impress them.
    - You can wear what the hell you want.
    - You don't have to spend the rest of your career looking at the same people across the Mess coffee table while their wives talk about how fantastic they are, and when they will command. (In reality they are headed for the Range Warden's job at Benbecular section attack range. Don't tell wifey!!!)
    - In the real world if someone is crap you can fire them. In the Army you can only promote them.
    - You get paid loadsamoney!!!
    - You all have to leave at 55 anyway and there are only so many school bursar positions open. It is like death & Norland nannies. A certainty. You will all be civvies one day. ;)

    Right, back to work. "Would you like fries with that Sir?"
  9. But compulsory bu**ery is all that is keeping me in!
  10. Take the money and RUN::

    A mate of mine left the RRW in 1996 and used his money to set up a video studio. He now makes Porn films for America (hard) and the same for television X and the adult channel. So he gets to watch live sex shows evry day and gets paid a tidy wage to do so.

    He must be doing ok as he's just moved into a new £250,000 house and drives around in one of his 3 top sports cars.

    Only wish I'd thought of it.



    PS He's always looking for staff :eek:
  11. Do you have to provide your own white stick and Guide Dog ???
  12. A bit of a dilemma for you, eh?

    Well If I were you, your last year will be wind down, the scope for skiving is so immense its unreal:

    1. Pitch up for morning muster and then shoot off for those "one day briefings."

    2. Be in charge of the Unit PRI and close every afternoon for "restocking". (Nice earners on job lots selling half price smocks or chocolate soldiers.)

    3. Transfer to the Army Welfare Service and mince about in civvi's and occasionally listen to some spotty private who threatens to top himself coz he got married too young and his former wife has embezzled all his savings and done a runner with his three kids.

    4. Work in the famillies office and hear the same crap as in No.3, but from soldiers you know.

    5. Once you done your final push, re enlist to MGS and wear ill fitting uniforms, sit on yer fat ass drinking brews and moan about the "soldiers of today," not like in my day, blah blah blah. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Good luck old boy.

    Capt. S B     (Somewhere in France, Western Front)
  13. Nobody has 347 days surely!!!
  14. Tara, you are right.  Now only 338!
  15. see you at the jobcentre then!