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A year ago we had a form on which you could get a signature from the gym (or self sign for a run) for every hour of fitness undertaken. If you did at least 6 hours a month you earnt a days pay. Not everyone did it but I did my form every month for a couple of years as I do much more phys than 6 hours a month and thought it was a nice idea to be paid for maintaining my fitness. Afterall at RHQ they have gym sessions in their working week.

I can't find this form anywhere, not on the unit site on Armynet or by asking the PSI. Is it at the CO's discretion? I had asked on our return from Afghan if we were able to do this still and the 2ic said we could but since then we have changed CO and it seems to have been forgotten.

So has anyone got a copy of the form or do you think I should make my own and hand it in?? Nothing lost from trying :D
The only Army form would be the normal pay-sheet. It is (was?) obviously a unit policy to pay for personal fitness training. Looks like the unit policy has changed. All you can do is suggest that they reinstate it.


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msr said:
Well seeing as a day is 8 hours work, it would have been a fraudulent claim at best.

The_Duke sums it up in the FAQ:


Quite agree with The_duke's comments - additionally surely this would disadvantage those who are not members of a gym but might train just as hard on their own - eg road running.

Getting paid for PT as part of an organised TA activity fair enough - getting paid for turning up at a gym bit much IMHO.


Sorry, it was 8 hours not 6.

I do agree with the Duke but I certainly won't say no to a days pay if they want to pay it. You could self sign for runs etc.

It was open to abuse though and at one point it was decided that you could only claim if you passed the PFT. In our unit not everyone passes the PFT so it was a good encouragement to get fit.


Our unit still authorise 1/4 days pay a week for phys. We just self cert for them. Woe betide anyone that claims it and then fails a fitness test due to being unfit though :)
caulkhead said:
A year ago we had a form on which you could get a signature from the gym (or self sign for a run) for every hour of fitness undertaken.

There was a 2 Sigs Bde form like this a while back - I have a copy if you really need it but I don't see why you should - similar to the normal pay form

You could claim up to one day per month for phys (so similar to madmedic's comment). 'Tis changed under the new Brigadier - it's now payment for results rather than for effort. I believe you can now claim 2 days once per year for passing your PFT. YMMV.

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