Days off sick from work and the army...

Basically I work in a crummy office building with ofcourse re circulated air and as such when one gets sick everyone seems too. The company however has a policy where if your off sick for either a day or a month aslong as you dont come back it constitutes as one abscence and your allowed 4 a year.... now they also encourage you all be it unofficially that if your off one day you may aswell take the week. And as such ive had my four abscences... which normally would have constituted in me having the equivilant of a week off but its been much longer maybe 3 or 4 weeks at a guess....

Is this likely to be a problem and if it is will they take the policy into account etc etc.... could use some advice?


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Confused of Germany here.

What has this to do with the Army? Are you a civvy asking about a civvy firm, or TA asking about a civvy firm, or Army talking about an Army office.... or what?
I suspect what he means is that when you apply for a job (in civvie street)they usually ask you how long you've had off sick in the last year - and he's had a month off sick.

When you join up they don't ask, you just have a full medical.

If you get the sniffles in the Army they'll send you straight to bed anyway, don't worry about it.

Yeah thats what i was on about..... thanks for clearing that up for me IT_guy.... the respirator sounds like a good idea but honestly id need a full nbc suit my be better....

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