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Days Of The Week.

I'm sure I've done this before, but hey ho. Nominations please!

Monday Mong

Tuesday Twat

Wednesday Wanker

Thursday Thicky

Friday Fuckwit

Saturday Saddo (Normally me)

Sunday Shithouse.

The panel judging are Jarrod, Ravers, Zed - and me. (Token chick but I'm not shaving my fucking hair off.).

We'll put it over to the public vote if it comes to a tie break.

That fucking wanker whinging about self harm (obviously a sock) and the moonhead complaining about council houses and paying for his family are WAY up my list.

So, ladies and gents, please nominate your Monday Mong.


Book Reviewer
The clown responsible for this shining example of modern literacy standards:

"Hey any one els got adsc on 7th of October 2013, if u do let me know if ya do and ill find u on face book or somint"

S/he goes by the username of ntjb619 (or something similar thereto).
Mr "do my family get to live in a house for free when I join up" takes the leaders jacket.
I've actually put you in charge.

My game, my rules (Make them up as you go along).

We need 4 Monday Mongs, ready for the "Twat Off" tomorrow. Unless there are new contenders.
I'm going to let you lot get on with it, Gilmore Girls is on in about 3 minutes, and I've got a cough and cold that would kill a bloke so my pillows may being inspected shortly.

Monday Mong for me is that bloke who doesn't know how to top himself properly.

I am also hungry, never fuck with a hungry slug.

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