Days numbered for CS95?

Guys, I've been working with the TA for a while and have been out of the loop, going back to the real world in a couple of months and have heard a few rumours about going back to denims (barrack dress for WOs) anyone got info on this one?

Should've gone in the QM's forum sorry... :?
This is an old one and has been discussed in detail elswhere. Talk is that in camp duties will be the new denims (without map pockets), but as yet I dont think anything is confirmed
At the beginning of the year my unit had a visit from the Chief of the General Staff's Briefing Team to give us an update on everything that was currently going on in the Army. One of the subjects that was discussed was the Future Army Dress program, what we were told was as of September 07 a new type of No.2's dress was being introduced. It will be the same design for both officers and enlisted men and would be of a similar style to the RAF and RN No.1 dress in that it will function as barrack dress as well as formal dress. All personnel will be issued two sets of trousers and a jacket together with shirt tie and shoes, the jacket will be worn for formal occasions i.e. parades and the trousers with shirt (and jumper if in winter order) will be worn as barrack dress. The criteria for wearing the new barrack dress is if you work day to day in a clean environment i.e. an office then you will wear it and if you work day to day in a work shop/garage environment you will continue to wear CS95. The Lt. Colonel in charge of the briefing team was asked whether there were any plans to reintroduce the old working dress i.e. denims, he categorically stated that denims would not be part of Future Army Dress and that there were no plans to reintroduce them into the Field Army but that they would still form part of cadet and recruit dress for the immediate future.
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