Days gone by

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cancerman, Aug 16, 2009.

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  1. I was thinking back about the "good old days" and i remembered one day back at woolwich an old man of about 80 came into the guardroom to give himself up, he had gone awol in ww1 and had been living with the guilt ever since (this was mid 70's) RP staff had a chat gave him a cup of tea and sent him on his way.Was just wondering if anyone else had similar encounters

    apologies if this is in wrong forum!! :D
  2. I was in the nick doing 28 days for going diffy back in 1990 when an old boy was in getting a tour of the camp,he had been posted there many,many moons ago. He asked to visit the Guardroom and he come in and had a tour of the cells. He told me he was banged up in the same cell as me for some misdemenour when he was posted there He told me his name was enscribed on the top window ledge of my cell,so after a hunk up from one of the RP staff I had a look - sure enough it was there.
  3. Would have thought "Old n Bold" forum more appropriate?
  4. At least it would have been in Days gone by :)
  5. I think that was quite possibly one of the most dullest posts that I have ever done.