" days at Pirbright"

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by luke1990, Dec 18, 2007.

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  1. I am going for my 2 days selection at Pirbright in January. Can anyone tell me the type of non physical tests i need to revise for?

  2. Revise????? What sort of tests do you think you will be doing that require revision?
  3. was told the tests would be GCSE level maths and english. did my BARB test no probs but worrying a bit about selection 2 days
  4. There is a basic maths test you need to do for certain trades. I passed it easily even not having done any maths since leaving school 6 years before.
  5. so it is no more than the BARB test in reality. only i was home schooled for the last 3 years of school and did not do GCSE so it was a bit scary
  6. Yes you will do some more tests but revision is not really going to help you it's at the you either know it or you don't stage. They really only run them to check your BARB score was not some sort of fluke and to confirm you have the academic ability for what you are hoping to join. Selection centre is more about fitness and suitability to service life, I wouldn't worry about the tests. Good luck.
  7. cheers
  8. Well the maths test is no more than quite basic GSCE grade. I do know a guy who failed it at his first attempt, but he bought a GSCE revision book and retook it and passed with a very high score. If you're that worried, root out one of your old school books.