DAY Z.....Zombie survival mod for ARMA II

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by BaldBaBoon, May 20, 2012.

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  1. DayZ Mod

    A mod for the ARMA II game that is still in the beta/alpha stage of be aware that server waits can be a little erractic, but getting better.

    This mod got a bit of a shout out from PC Gamer due to its rapidly increasing popularity and its snowballed from there, you require the ARMA II game and Operation Arrowhead or Combined arms to run it, the mod itself is free.

    Mod Background.

    Set in over 225km of mapped terrain/urban/forest and coastline, Day Z appears to be pretty much the best offering so far for a zombie survivalist game....even better that is being made by enthusiasts and is so popular that Bohemia Interactive who make ARMA II are providing official support for it.

    Apparently you spawn as a unique player on a server with 50 or more other players pretty much at random with the aim to survive by any means at all. It is purely your choice to work with,team up, ignore, attack or hinder other players in the game. With a humanity rating feature in the game, those that kill other players for fun or loot are branded with a unique Bandit skin to make their intentions stand out......when you die in game, your character dies forever and a respawn involves a fresh start.

    You scavenge for food and water, weapons and ammunition on the corpses that litter the terrain and inside various buildings with the towns being literally infested with untold numbers of undead.....full on sprinting zombies as in 28 days later.

    Players have organised into full on bandit groups, anti-bandit groups, have fortified persistent towns that trade and have repaired and run vehicles etc etc.

    ARMA 2 DAY Z "Survive" Part 1 - Gearing Up - YouTube

    Day Z - Surviving Solo - Part 1 - YouTube

    I am trying it for for a while and will let you know how it is, but this could be a cracking game to get a clan involved in such as Arrse gaming.
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  2. I never did get my new PC, and now I see this. Life can be so cruel at times
  3. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I was supposed to be going on the piss with Bohemia next week, and planned on doing some digging about this. However since my kid is now over a week late in dropping, I'm still not allowed more than 10 miles away from the house. Gutted.
  4. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Just dropped £40 into the Arma:X Anniversary Edition (Arma, Arma2 and all DLCs) on Steam just so I can have a look at this. The missus is going to go ******* spare.
  5. Spent a fair few hours on this today.

    It is hard but not impossible to get onto a Euro server due to the amount of people trying to to get on, so I opted to go on some American servers instead...being the time difference making them less busy.

    Give you a flavour of a quick game.

    The server I was playing on was in night cycle ( actual 24 hour cycles like real life ) and having spawned along the coastline in some rural area, it was as black as the ace of spades. Those who have done an exercise in Poland will appreciate this. Due to your limited starting equipment, this presents a very real challenge in how to move about....literally unable to see your hand in front of your face!

    Your options are to sneak about blindly and trust your hearing, use a light source ( road flares ) or hopefully come across a lit area or quite simply wait until dawn...while I was hiding crouched down and mulling these choices I heard a sharp fizzing sound and the entire area was lit in an intense red light. A fellow player just down the coast had launched a flare to get his bearings and an entire village was illuminated behind me as well as 5 zombies crouched down ahead of me no more than 15 metres away.

    The zombies shot off in the direction of the red flare with a god awful chorus of screams....joined with another dozen or so screams as every zombie in the area sprinted towards the illuminated player and his mate who used the flare.One of the players ran off in the other direction while still holding a flare in absolute panic, while his mate tried to stand his ground and ended up getting torn to pieces.

    I watched as an absolute horde of zombies continued to chase the other player down the coast, and made a gamble to sneak up to the player/corpse sprawled on the road....having reached him, I then did the time honoured process of looting his corpse and gained some more pistol mags, a compass, water and food and a hunting knife ( knife being one of components needed to hunt extra food ) and slunk off into the woods to avoid the urban death trap.

    The next 3 hours were spent moving through the pitch black woods while trying to keep the coast and villages on my right shoulder, coming across a couple of dead players who had been slaughtered while setting up a camp.....another player killed them as all the shiny stuff was missing except a set of binoculars which are indispensable in this game and belly crawled out in case the Bandit ( player killer ) was still near.Every once in a while you would see flares pop and a firefight erupt as a player stumbled into a horde or a Bandit decided to kill his fellow players or the players hunted the bandit down.

    I spotted a factory in the distance with a cooling tower and decided that would be a good spot to log my character out in relative safety, spent the next 20 minutes crawling into position and luckily finding a cache of longterm survival supplies as well as a hunting rifle and ammo. Just as I prepared to log out in the top most building, I heard a metal step creak behind me, spun round and was promptly shot straight in the face by a shotgun wielding fellow player who decided going the bandit route was the way for him......your character has only one life.

    Just a quick taste of this very hardcore and intense game.
  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    There are some cracking videos on YouTube and it does look like quite an experience; there's a brilliant one of some crazy septic playing it for the first time with about 10 mates - he gets into a firefight with two zombies and manages to attract a horde of 20+. As he sees them come over the hill in front of him he just stands there screaming, then turns around and legs it leaving all his mates to wonder what's going on. I got all the Arma:X applications downloaded and installed overnight (all 7 games...) and I've left Day Z downloading while I'm at work. Hopefully it'll be ready to go when I get home, although the wench is down to her last 36 hours of pregnancy before forced eviction of the sprog and I reckon she might use that as an excuse to drag me off the PC. Mard cow.
  7. shut-up-and-take-my-money.jpg
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  8. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Downloading and installing this game is an absolute bastard as the mod team, skilled though they evidently are, haven't put together an installer EXE. Instead you have to manually download a few dozen RAR files to various sub-folders and extract them to the right place.

    I scanned the official forum on the basis that I couldn't be the only person who saw this as a massive oversight, and lo and behold a saviour appeared in the form of a bloke called Worrom. He's put together a handy app that will download the right files from the right place, and extract them to the right place, and then give you a handy button to jump straight into the right game mode.

    Why the official website doesn't endorse this is beyond me.
  9. Been Playing this for a time to get a reasonable insight.

    I would say that this cannot really be classed as just a game, I would describe it as a Survival Simulation. Indeed by reading the forums and the postings by the official development staff...that is the way this is going to go ( and the better for it ) As one poster stated, this is not a game that a focus group from a company decided that we will play to fit into a franchise or sequel but is a gamer created simulation that puts into being all the things that gamers wanted to do.

    A " Sandbox Game " effectively an open world experience where you are left to your own morals or lack of, to explore or bunker down as the whim takes you.Considering this is still pre-beta thats pretty damn good.
  10. BaldBaBoon's Survival guide ( or learn to love the Zombie )

    Essential rules set in stone....after a lot of deaths.

    1) No one in this game is your friend, if you team up they are just waiting for a better moment to shoot you in the back of the head, there are some very good and helpful players out there..but at the moment this is dog eat dog.

    2) Never Fire your weapon unless you will gain a great advantage from doing so or you are in the shit big style and have nothing to lose.

    3) Light sources are vicious bastard double edged swords, they will illuminate your area BUT also ring the dinner bell for every zombie in line of sight and every dysfunctional psychopath that your fellow players are.

    4) As soon as you wash up on the beach ( spawn ) crouch or go prone, quickly get your bearings or listen bloody hard if night.....and get the hell off the beach, DO NOT stop to do any nearby looting, but head inland off the beach asap.

    5) As soon as you start locating loot stockpiles, assess the risk and if needed, get in and get out....other players will be doing the same as you, and zombies spawn in these areas.

    6) Eat and drink at every chance given, you do not know what loot will be ahead.

    7) Woodland is currently the safest way to travel, keeps you out of sight and zombies tend to be less here.

    8) Read in the forums about any of the bugs still present in game...there is several concerning your inventory and backpacks, if you do it correctly there is no problem at it wrong and you can lose all your items.

    9) Risk and reward, there are certain areas that spawn essential equipment like backpacks, tents, survival knives, compass, map will know them and so will every other player and the zombies do as well.

    10)Weapons range from the basic pistol up to night scoped anti-material sniper systems, you need to decided their worth and the risk getting can have the best weapon in the simulation, but if the ammo is incredibly scarce then it is worthless.

    Weapons and items that I have found useful

    Binoculars...absolutely essential to scout the area from a hidden vantage point...essential

    Winchester Shotgun.....seems to be quite common and even better the ammo can be found. Powerful up close, reasonable noise and you can carry quite the ammo load.Found in rural areas mostly.

    Enfield rifle.....very powerful ( one shot kill to player ) ammo is again quite common, accurate....but very, very loud....The Dinner Bell is the in-game nickname.Found in rural areas.

    Crossbow.....totally silent weapon and you can reuse the ammo, if you can find it again. No use in a fire fight, but very good to snipe with and clear a route without waking up an entire city.

    Chemlights ( Lumi-sticks ) if you really have to have light, then use these instead of road flares.

    Water Bottles, keep at least a couple of these filled up and dont use unless desperate, keep topping up your drink levels from scavenged items.

    Torches....totally avoid these, they will attract every nasty on the map.

    Saws, Axes,Survival Knives, maps, compass,watch,matches etc all have a use and store without taking up extra up on how to use these items.


    No Noise

    No shooting

    Keep hidden

    trust no one.
  11. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    you dont live near lincoln do you?
  12. The only thing that seems missing is forcing men into giving sexual favours for a tin of beans
  13. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    I suspect that will be in no later than v0.4.
  14. Sounds like ACSIC.
  15. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    This game gets better and better. Technically its stability is far beyond what it was when I downloaded it barely a week ago, and being able to regularly get into decent servers always helps make a good impression. Beyond that I'm definitely improving myself, having learned a few lessons and tried a few alternative strategies. I've managed to go a good three hours without dying (granted I haven't seen another player yet) and have salvaged quite the selection of goodies. The Makarov has finally been yarded in favour of the 1-hit-kill magnum revolver, and I actually ended up with a choice of a Winchester 1897 or TWO Lee Enfield rifles. I'm hoping my decision to take the shotgun doesn't backfire...

    Anyway, I'm off all day tomorrow (woohoo, paternity leave!) although I may be called away from my gaming at regular intervals (boooo, paternity leave). If anyone's about give me a nod; I'm currently logged off in some bushes to the west of, and overlooking, the small lake on the road NW out of Zelenogorsk. If I were a braver man or had some backup I'd be spending the morning looking into the barn and warehouse right in front of me, that are currently housing a dozen zombies.