Day Trip Skiing


I heard about this from a mate the other day, and strikes me as quite cool although bloody expensive!

Basically he said he'd heard you could book up a package including the first and last flights of the day in and out of austria or somewhere similar, transport to the ski area, lift pass and ski hire for a couple of hundred quid (maybe 150 he reckoned, although i think thats too low).

The idea being you rock up out of bed at about 4am, get to the airport leave at 6ish, get to the Alps by 9ish, on the slopes by 10/11 and back to the airporrt for the last flight home and in bed by midnight!

Sounds like something I'd like to try just for the sheer brilliance of being able to reply to the "how was the weekend?" question with: "Yeah I went skiing on the alps on sunday!"

anyone heard of this or something similar?

Trying to find it but not having much success so far.





If you can afford to bugger off to the alps for a day, why not just make it a long weekend for minimal extra money? That still gives you "what did you do over the weekend" braging rights. :p

I have no idea about companies which do this, but you could sort it out yourself fairly easily I would expect.


Can be done in Spain very easily, flight to Malaga then an hour and a half in the car to Sieraa Nevada.
Decent slopes not to crowded and on a decent day from the top of the mountain you can see the beaches at Marbella!

Although as Thor said you would be better off going for the weekend!


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