Day Trip from Edinburgh

Discussion in 'Travel' started by viceroy, Jun 16, 2011.

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  1. Looking for some ideas for a days out by car starting and ending in Edinburgh. Really would love to see some scenic rough beauty of the real Scotland. Any thoughts where one should go? Do not want to spend more then 4-5 hrs driving so the range is limited, don't think anything beyond Iverness if feasible. Thoughts?
  2. Jarrod is like a rash to this forum, all over the bloody threads. I'd say it is too far. Also it is the missus and I, would have been a great idea for the sprogs, but they stay home. Like said, more interested in rugged beauty of landscape...
  3. I travel from Kinloss to Edinburgh quite a bit. To get up Inverness way, you're looking at about 3 hours, more depending on the traffic. If you drive for about 2hrs you can easily get into Cairngorm National Park, which is a stunning place. You got Aviemore there as well and just up from there is Cairngorm mountain which has the train to the top. Well worth the visit if it's rugged scenery you're looking for.
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  4. Gramps

    Gramps Old-Salt Reviewer

    Lived in Fife for 10 years mate, east neuk is nice, with seals and dolphins in the forth estuary. Perthshire highlands is good too.
  5. Auld-Yin

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    You are spoiled for chice if you want to drive out of Edinburgh for a day trip.

    As has been said the East Neuk of Fife is beautiful and only a couple of hours liesurely drive from Edinburgh. From Largo round to St Andrews is a lovely part of Scotland (watc out for the mad local drivers with a death-wish though)

    If you want to head south you have the Borders and towns of Jedburgh, Hawick, Selkirk etc. Lovely country and plenty to see if you plan - Sir Walter Scott's home for instance. Afternoon tea at Peebles Hydro used to be quite an experience but it is years since I have been there so best check first if you decide to head south.

    North west you have Stirling and the foothills to the Highlands. Great country drives with beautiful villages of Crief, Muthill, Callendar to mention a few.

    As I say you really are spoilt for choice and a wee bit planning and you can have a lovely day out.

    No guarantees about the weather though!!! :)

    Hope you find something to treat yourself.
  6. Glenlyon - beautiful and unspoilt - google it , wild camped there and spent hrs exploring the hills.
  7. Dollar was always nice, you can walk up to Castle Campbell. We went in the autumn and it was spectacular!!

  8. Go to the Trossachs and climb Ben An. Beautiful, rugged scenery an hour and a half from Edinburgh (if that). No dross, they all go to Loch Lomond. Ben An is a cracking wee hill which takes about an hour and a half (from memory) to climb on an easy path so lightweight gear, juice and a sandwich is all you'll need. It's got an alpine-like pointed summit with magnificent views of the Southern Highlands, the Arrochar Alps, Loch Katrine and on a clear day, Glencoe.

    If you fancy something a bit more strenuous, drive a wee bit further and climb Ben Lomond. It's much bigger at 3500ft (ish) but it's a straightforward climb with a good path. You'd need better gear though.
  9. A9 to Pitlochry,turn left B8019 towards Rannoch, on your left you have Loch Tummel,and Queens View,go on to Kinloch Rannoch,and the Loch,follow through to Rannoch and Bridge of Ericht,you can then either retrace your steps,or drive around the Loch back to Kinloch Rannoch.

    It's a nice drive with great scenery,enjoy.
  10. And have a potter around Pitlochry and visit the Edradour and Blair Atholl distilleries.
  11. Sixty

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    Head to Falkirk for a taste of the real Scotland. Only an hour away, it's a charming and picturesque market town with stunning vistas and a wealth of historic sites.

    Shhh everyone. He might just buy this nonsense.
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  12. Trip up to Glencoe about 2.5 hrs from Edinburgh and some of the best views in Scotland
  13. The hills between Melrose and Moffat are lovely (I walked 100 miles through them a fortnight ago). A really lovely drive out would be down to St Mary's Loch and Grey Mare's Tail in the Yarrow Valley (go in via Moffat) then back via Traquair or possibly Melrose - very pretty and on the A68 just under an hour south of the Burgh. The Tibbie Shiels Inn on St Mary's is a good halfway stop.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The Tibbie Shields Inn on the spur in the middle of the loch used to have a stunning collection of malt whisky last time I stopped up that way and the Ettrick Shepherd used to walk into the bar with his radgy dog. And play an accordian. Badly. But it is probably a Great Western by now.